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dichotic1 - 2008-10-26

goddammit internet...

revdrew - 2008-10-26

.. you've won over my heart once again!

badideasinaction - 2008-10-26

Hate to tell you KP. given the hobby, odds are it's not a her.

Cap'n Profan!ty - 2008-10-26

agreed. it cannot be unseen.

Camonk - 2008-10-26

Cannot be unknown.

Killer Prunes - 2008-10-26

OOoooh taking a second look, check out the hands at the beginning... HUGE hands hidden in tiny gloves.. and the feet!

Only makes it better!

badideasinaction - 2008-10-26

Almost all the dollers are guys, with the exception of the professional ones doing the stage shows. The amateur ones are pretty much all dudes.

Oh, and forgot my evil stars.

Cleaner82 - 2008-10-26

That was the first thing I thought. "Ha ha, 'her'."

delicatessen - 2008-10-26

This clip ruined my day. FIVE STARS

mouser - 2008-10-26

Someone is fapping to this.

5 stars.

Pillager - 2008-10-26


DMKA - 2008-10-26


Deconvolution - 2008-10-26

4 for the horror
+1 for the soundrtack

Caminante Nocturno - 2008-10-26

this is what happens when you take the ideal out of fiction and transplant it into the real world.


socialist_hentai - 2008-10-27

hey people with horribly mangled faces have the urge to camwhore to. how else can they except by wearing a "cute" mask?

Unmerciful Crushing Force - 2008-10-27


Needs an uncanny valley tag btw.

waxeater - 2008-10-27

Fucking white people.

chumbucket - 2008-10-27

with webcams

Toenails - 2008-10-27

and anime masks.

and penises.

kwash - 2009-11-07

Stopped twenty seconds in.


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