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Desc:Why didn't you tell me any of this before the election?
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:obama, 236, gywo, Get your war on
Submitted:Mad Struggle
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Comment count is 25
all black people are muslim
I sense a boom in the bow-tie manufacturing industry

The McK
Some kinda special moustache?
Wait until he hears about the sodomy camps.
I am so impressed by these
This is SICK
I love thinking that things designed explicitly to criticize Bush now suddenly have to either change format or disappear into obscurity. That makes me happy. I was kind of thinking we were going to have stuff like this forever and ever.
5 stars because WHAT THE FUCK? A "Get Your War On" I actually laughed at?

I snickered but even THAT reaction blew me away

The McK
Oh pish tosh. They've been pretty hit or miss the past few weeks, but between "You Are Loved", "Moose Meat", "Bailout" and "Rape Kit", this series can do no wrong.

I may be the only one who loves "You Are Loved", though.

Hell no, I think that's their best one.

Wait, you mean the GYWO and not the song right? Because then you would be alone.

This is only lovable.
holy hell! I went to watch one and watched like eleven!
I don't care if you like GYWO or not. I realize it's not everybody's thing. But this is the best goddamn thing ever.
It's just a white flag, with a picture of a burning American flag.

Frank Rizzo
did he say Obama is making the worlds biggest Arab?!
No, that's not-- well yes. Whatever scares you the most, yes.

Corman's Inferno

I love you, Jon Glaser.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Thanks, I've been trying to place that voice since the Rape Kit one!

Mad Struggle
Thanks to whoever updated the link to the embeded version, I hadn't even noticed it was an option.
Aubrey McFate
Chet usually does that automatically.

I would have never thought GYWO would work so well animated, but I love every one of these.
Foolish Motorcycle Accident
I can't stop watching this.
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