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Desc:Remember the guy behind Jon Lovitz who didn't get it?
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:norm macdonald, jim norton sucks balls, bob saget roast, picking daisies
Submitted:love and politics
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Hugo Gorilla
I don't even know Jim Norton. Did he really not get Norm MacDonald's set or was he upset that he had to follow it?
Jim Norton? doesn't he own a chain of restaurants?
Jim Norton mostly tells jokes about how great it is to force women to rim him so I'm not surprised he doesn't get things.
Should there be quotes around the word "jokes?"

^ Your stars sir.

That's awesome. He's still in character when zinging him back.
That's not character for Norm, he left the womb like that.

This was Norm McDonald's only funny moment. I'm glad he milked it.
Aubrey McFate
Jim? Is that you?

It's Jim.

More Norm please. He faded too soon.
Honest Abe
these stars are for norm. jim norton is a blight on comedy.
Please. Please. Somebody.

Make "jim norton sucks balls" into an active tag. poeTV would be all the better for it.
It's my belief that Jim Norton is only invited to these things because he's so easy to write jokes about. Has there ever been a more unfortunate looking man? A shaved head looks tough on a big, bad looking dude, but not on a chinless, tranluscent homonculus, JIM.
There are like three of them. Even with the seven degrees of separation, they always manage to be more remote to the people they are roasting than I am. So they are passed off as "fans" and often their humor is really really stale.

Testicles of Doom
This Norton fella seemed actually MAD at Norm.

5 for Norm sticking up for himself.
Harold Manchester
Fuck, I can't find it anywhere! Viacom seems to have pulled the full version of the roast. Comedy Central only has clips. What did Jim and Norm say to each other in this clip?
yeah. whereee iiis iiiit? wheeeree iiiss iiiit
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