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Desc:She is also chastised, fustigated and anally-sodomized
Category:Crime, Religious
Tags:Jesus, pedophile, child molestor, mother of the year
Submitted:Lauritz Melchior
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Comment count is 23
Dinkin Flicka
He's right! ...Until about the 2 minute mark; then it's just "whoa!"
Rodents of Unusual Size
This was painful to watch but daaaaamn
Blaming the victim is OK if you say they are not a victim?
If you are a judge and you say they're not a victim, goddamn it, they're not!

Frank Rizzo
mother of the year?

she allowed this to happen twice!?!!
Lauritz Melchior
Home county represent!
Two life terms +20.
LOL judicial inflation.
not that exciting
I guess not compared to all the other serial child rapist lambastings out there.

exciting in concept, not execution

Dinkin Flicka
Been sodomized by your father and screamed at by judges that it's just lost it's magic, eh?

It is for being a real court. You've been watching too many Law & Order reruns.

Jeff Fries
Tough-talking white male judge, neglectful black female defendant, are all the tables in Atlanta turned
it's worth mentioning that up until recently buying a teenaged prostitute from the pimp that kidnapped her was a misdemeanor in georgia

there is a multi-million dollar tupac statue in atlanta

I'll let these two stand alone for your own inferences about the state
mountain dew insimination
Five stars for the horror that is Atlanta.
-1 for content
This shit isn't reserved for Atlanta. There's horror stories all over.

I dont rate that. Can't.

mountain dew insimination
The judge was distinctly Atlantian.

0:44 "awww maaaan com'on help a brutha OUT!"
Must be an election year for judges.
Caminante Nocturno
4 stars for the prosecutor matter-of-factly describing what the molester did.
4 for the judge who says it like it is...and 1 one for the reporters wonderful hair...
Ever so humble, there's no place like home.
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