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Desc:A commercial for Monk, done in the classical style.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:monk, Magnum P.I.
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Comment count is 12
Doctor Frederick Odd
Monk is not a bad show, but this intro would make me watch it religiously.
I think Monk is a horrible show, but that just makes me appreciate this intro all the more.

you could do this intro with just about any show on today
House with the theme to Quincy.

Innocent Bystander
I just thought the formula of the show became really apparent really fast.

And I never liked Monks new helper-girl.

But this is awesome, yes.
Innocent Bystander
And this was naturally meant as a reply to Doctor Fred over there.

Doctor Frederick Odd
I don't seek it out, but the recent episodes I have seen have been decent enough to make me watch them while doing something else.
They shifted the formula a little so that you don't know why/how the murder occurred.

I just watched the one with the chess genius, and I thought it was interesting in that the villain was pretty much in Monk's face about how he did it and stuff but even then that wasn't enough to get a conviction and Monk only figured it out when the chess genius had a slight slip of the tongue about a common chess move which was vastly overstated in its importance.

Then they showed this ad and it was all better.

Syd Midnight
They missed the opportunity to do a crossover with Peter Falk. And I liked the old helper, with the little kid who acted as straight man/babysitter

Helena Handbasket
Despite myself I like Monk, not enough that I watch it regularly, but still.
I want my entire life to be shot and depicted like this. Always.
enjoyable, but monk is matlock, boring as fuck.
Testicles of Doom
This is a great ad, but man this show is awful.
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