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Desc:The official income tax agency of POETV? Quite possibly.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:miami vice, ripoff, black people, Soulja Boy, fat white guy
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Comment count is 13
I am officially a fan of their Fat White Friend. He plays Boss Hogg in their Dukes of Hazzard-themed ad.

He looks like someone pumped Toby Keith full of Bud Ice (and probably smells like it, too.)
The Townleybomb
That's not what he looks like at all! There is only one way to resolve this dispute-- we must find Toby Keith and pump him full of Bud Ice at once!

...oh my god. I think the Fat White Guy is the one who plays Madea in the other spot I submitted. Holy shit.

I want to patronize their establishment despite having no need or desire for their services. Which should be okay since their commercials have nothing to do with their bussiness anyway.
Oh god they have offices in Tennessee! I know where I'm goin' to get my taxes done this year!
-1 star cuz I SWEAR I submitted this months ago.

That's right--spite star removal.
This is for the split second, "are you serious" reaction one of the hot ass models had.
Question: Less or more ridiculous than the Vern Fonk insurance ads?
So do you think they paying for the rights to that song?
Am I seeing this clearly... their logo is a winged hand grenade?
Okay it's a winged hand with a fistful of money... still excellent. Reminds me of a super-ghetto place in Columbus GA where I used to get my taxes done when I was at Fort Benning. Every time a new client came in the staff would all have to cheer, and one fat secretary lady would throw a partially-deflated balloon in the air.

mo money commercials are one of the better thins about tv in Memphis
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