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Desc:Damnit Jim, I'm the Doctor!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:star trek, Doctor Who, mashup, who would win in a fight
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Comment count is 15
this is very well done but I still think Star Trek > Doctor Who
Syd Midnight
No way. A Timelord is about as powerful as the entire Federation. Not even Jim Kirk and then entire Enterprise could beat Dr Who.

Now these comments are hopelessly bearded

I think he meant in terms of actual quality, not who would win in a fight.

Since we all know Batman would win.

On a long enough timeline, Batman always wins

I don't know what is worse; arguing about it or actually believing that Star Trek > Doctor Who. Doctor Who is even better than Lexx for fuck's sake.

This video made my computer grow its own beard
It'll take me days to clear the hair out of the case >:(

I have to give it four. Five stars is reserved for Tom Baker pwning William Shatner, should it ever come to light.
That was really really well done.

that being said, the ideal scenario is totally the Pertwee Doctor and Kirk. That would be awesome.
Calamity Jon
No alien left unslugged.

Yeah but Tennant's doctor would out-charm them both, and then John Barrowman would swoop in and have the sex.

Correction: Sulu would swoop in and have the sex.

Black Napkins
Fortunately, you're both right!

Oh geez, +1 star for Kirk's rape-face.
Whenever I see David Tennant, it's a chance to play "WHICH PART OF HIS FACE IS THE BIGGEST?"

Eyes? Nose? Ears? Lips? They keep shifting on me.
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