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Desc:Come sing along
Category:Classic TV Clips, Religious
Tags:christianity, black people, Breakfast song
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And all this time, I've just been having beer cold pizza for breakfast.

I think I've been missing out.
*beer and cold pizza

I blame the lack of bacon and grits in my diet.

So, is this an ad for a new special diet?

"Try the Rapture Diet! Lose those pounds two by two! It's so simple! No mo' bacon, no mo' sausage..."
Wait a second... is the lady even singing? She is barely moving her lips and is holding the microphone well clear of her mouth. In fact... I think she's stoned.

I can sort of hear her. I think she's just depressed that she's not getting anymore bacon.

You mean sausage.

I think I might need to switch churches to this church.
I wouldn't bother. I went to one of their pancake breakfasts once and it was just a big empty room.

One of these mornings...if I keep starving myself, I will die.
Shoes are an important thang
shoes help us walk around
but God's Word is all you really need
to get you round town
Shoes on my feet all day
I don't need shoes to go round the way
Lord be my shoes
no more reboks
don't need no jordan
don't need no hightop
no more shoes
Verse be my converse
I don't need no shoes
I got god in my sole
gonna go to the sto
on a Holy stroll
sunday morning.

No more grits? Fuck that.
...cos' when the Lord calls you into Heaven, ain't nothing up there but a free continental breakfast with a couple stale donuts in the flavor you hate, tepid coffee and packets of taco sauce from the Del Taco next door.
Uh, I think this probably needs some sort of teeth-related tag.

Seriously, though - this is the greatest gospel message of all time. Enjoy your breakfast while you can, because heaven doesn't have any red-eye gravy.
I'd rather have the buffet in hell than the fasting in heaven.
Bear in mind Hell only serves barbeque.

I like this Ernie Hudson/Big Momma side project.
She looks so enthused.
I like the drum that no one is playing called Darwin.
Killer Joe
"What about elevensies?"
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