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Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:homoeroticism, Everything is Terrible, body dysmorphia, the 90s, power bottom
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Comment count is 17
This is the least gay thing ever. Certainly.
It makes gay porn look heterosexual to the nth degree.

Sudan no1
after he's done riding that guy he's gonna eat all the pokemans.
damn i thought his legs were going to explode...i feel ripped off
I was expecting Mother Nature to get TOLD. But no.


For the choice of music.
When the music started I almost choked trying not to laugh loudly.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Ok, I give. Is Everything Terrible producing these vids themselves with 30 year old cameras or are they finding all these treasures in a where house stacked with VHS tapes?
this was an actual show. I actually saw some of it when I was flipping through channels once.

The big Italian guy looked like someone I used to see at this gym I went to back then. The guy at the gym was a cop and he had a bad habit of dropping F bombs all day no matter who was around. He'd do this thing where he'd get to where he couldn't go anymore and just drop his weights on the floor and yell "FUCK!" as loud as he could, like he was mad at his own failings. I don't know why they never kicked him out. Maybe they thought he had Tourette's Syndrome, or maybe he was their steroid hookup. Either way, he intimidated a lot of people. He used to workout with this other equally massive beast with a ponytail, who, as it turns out, was a pizza delivery guy. I found out what place he worked and decided I'd never order from them just based on the chance that he might show up and know where I live.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
oh my god
This is like that one episode of King of the Hill where Bill falls in with the bodybuilding crowd
that's unnatural.

no, not the homosexuality.
Dr Dim
Calf raises? Calf machine? What fun is that?
beefcake! BEEFCAKE!
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