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Desc:1991 Customer Service training film from Nintendo.
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Nintendo, work, customer service
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Comment count is 15
Is that John Billingsley at 2 minutes in?

Also, Nintendo has probably some of the best customer service out there. A coworker had been having issues with their Wii Fit board. Turns out the problem was a result of a faulty third party AC adapter and as a result Nintendo didn't have to replace the thousands of balance boards that were fried by the adapter, but they did anyways.
Mike Tyson?!
Yep, my Wii came DOA in the box and they over nighted me a new one no questions asked. Now, if only the Wii had games I wanted to play...

yeah, yeah... but did they have a customer service training video for that love hotel they use to own?
There's been a rape up there!

"can i bake you a pie?"

i had a lady offer to bake me cookies for helping her find pants when i worked at walmart.
William Burns
Would hit.

from behind, with bag over head and playing Zelda at same time

Yellow Lantern
Only if she let me put it into port number 2.

Gameboy returners are nerds.
Caminante Nocturno
Nerds who use 1930's-era insults.

Basically: Never accept a return. Also, amazed to see a 'nintendo mechanic' in real life.
How about the nice guys who actually have a legitimate problem? In many ways, they're the toughest to dispose of.
Nintendo phone CSR and game play counsellor, 1994-1995. Training was not like this.
We had a Nintendo Cleaning Kit that you could get for free. It was called blowing into the cartridge. And it always worked. Always.
This was pretty boring.
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