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Desc:androgynous crazy tells us about astral projection
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:androgyny, astral projection, headset mic, carefully explained irrationality
Submitted:Spastic Avenger
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Comment count is 13
Within and as and of and as. ONLY! Above and around, as and through! Of and *Finger quotes* as, human physical body, and interdimensionally as sound.
she's communicating from a different plane, give her some slack

1145 videos in one year. You don't have to listen to what she says to know she is nuts.
You guys make fun of her all you want, I'm totally floating above my physical human body right now.

I hope it doesn't make me look as haggard as she does in this video, though.
Damn, I almost forgot about Desteni Productions.

I used to have the biggest crush on Andrea. I'll protect you from the astral demon entities, baby!
I'm floating somewhere between having no idea what she's talking about and guessing what type of person has sex with her
Yeah, she's crazy... crazy cute!

Ok, and also regular crazy too.
Frank Rizzo
cute? lolwut?

Some of her other videos have been posted on POE TV and though she doesn't look so great here sometimes she looks crazy cute. Heavy on the crazy.

Wait a minute, maybe I am thinking of someone else, she definately doesnt look like the wacky south african wingnut that stole my heart a while back.

There's two of them. This one is Wind... Wingd... whatever. The crazy cute one is Andrea:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqjGpMMh-rY&feature=channel_pag e

And holy crap she's got her own channel!


^_^ love ^_^

Shouldn't she get back to the control tower?
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