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Desc:Mother cat has a litter of three-and-a-half kittens...
Category:Pets & Animals, Horror
Tags:cat, kitty, kitten, body horror
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Comment count is 8
OK STARS for that guys facial hair. Fuck yea.
We are Siamese if you please
Big head?
Four eyes?
It's like some kind of mutant nerd, ripe for mocking, but more awesome than anything that mocks it.

Name it Bruce Banner.
If you can teach it to smoke Russian cigarettes, it can audition to be the cat from Transmetropolitan.
Most adorable freak-show ever?
That kitty is a menace to the rest of the litter as it's going to hog on the tits. Kill it with fire!
pressed peanut sweepings
Perth is a city of freaks, it'll fit right in.
the mirror has two faces
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