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Desc:The world's first commercially viable flying car.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Cars, flying cars, terrafugia, transition, weeee
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Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Well, you could taxi pretty much any folding wing light aircraft up your drive.
Please add this to Saints Row 2. Let me put spinners and gold trim on it. Let me make the propeller a shiny metallic green. Do this now.
Meh...call me when it's more Jetsons-like.
I want some jets or hoverpads on that fuckin' thing.

yeah not a huge achievement here since all I can see is a small airplane that can fold itself and taxi around. we're not exactly hitting "transformer technology" here people

-1 star for lack of VTO, thereby a dependence on a runway is present.

- another 1 because I hate the flying car concept.

Ok so it goes in the air, twice as fast and twice as economical as an SUV, thats great but how does she handle on the road? I ain't driving no shitbrick down my freeway.

Well on the road it HOLY SHIT IT CAN FLY.

So since it's compared to an SUV, should I expect a lot of people to buy these and never actually fly them, only drive them around showing them off?
There have been a lot of flying cars throughout the years, and they always suffer from the exact same problem- it's a terrible car and a terrible plane all in one! Not to mention, it'll likely cost more than buying a good car, and a good plane.

One of my relatives lost her entire immediate family in a single-engine plane crash.

I think I'll not be flying one of these.
living in los angeles, I can comfortably say that people should NEVER EVER be allowed to own flying cars, as they can barely drive the ground-based ones they have now. I can only imagine the daily, flaming jet-fuel laden chaos that would be the 405 with flying cars.
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