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Desc:Woman sues former boyfriend for playing too much 'World of Warcraft'.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:WoW, World Of WarCraft, judge judy, JILF
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Comment count is 25

The thing is I find myself identifying with JJ more and more every year of my life.

It will happen no matter how hard you try to fight it.
I identify more with the bailiff who stands there doing crossword puzzles.

i bet he plays a belf, everyone who owns a belf is a douche bag!
Am I still a douche if I played a blood elf, and then later canceled my account?

once a belf always a belf

Mine is named MissTeenUSA. It's a guy with pigtails.

needed to see more of this....poor guy
JILF tag?
He was talking on Ventrilo.

Playing lots of DotA.
Teased Vagina
There are almost 5000 youtube comments, and most of them seem to be from WoW fans who can't believe she hadn't heard of it.

I'd also like to see the entire bit.
-2 for JILF tag.

Please use the tag responsibly.
Yeah no kidding.

speak for yourselves.

Are you 'mos claiming that Judy is not a JILF?

Okay, okay! The video with the 'JILF' tag was uploaded to the Hopper after I uploaded this, and wouldn't cha know, the second clip got through first. I clearly wasn't thinking straight.


I would agree with the no-JILF tag but come on: You're at a bar, you see Judge Judy, she's had a few... tell me you wouldn't take her home just so you could come here and brag about it.

werld of wawcrawft
I like Judge Judy, but seriously, is there something in this clip I'm missing?

I'm glad she hasn't because I DON'T want to be in her raiding guild.

"Wait mister, did you read up on this fight?"

"Well, I.."

"There's no "Well I..." Did you are didn't you? Let me make it easy for you. You didn't!"

"Yes I di-"

"Sir, shut your mouth. I'm talking now. If you read up on this fight on wowwiki which has a link to a -Youtube video- you would know where to stand. Since you died and caused us to wipe you obviously didn't! Look at me... You didn't. End of story."


"END OF STORY. That's 70 DKP docked and if you have anything else to say I can and will kick you from this raid."

Holy shit. She would totally be the most ballbreaking raid leader ever.

Jeriko, you get the stars, that is way too plausible. You come from an alternate dimension where you played WOW with Judge Judy don't you?

I really wish that as a society we would pick a few things that we don't want turned into reality shows. For me, courtrooms would be on that list. Five for evil.
Sick Man
America's heroine: a hateful, condescending cunt.
Nancy Grace is Queen Cunt.

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