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Desc:Ractalfece confronts a rapper/drug dealer.
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:Hand Puppet, rapper, bad teeth, ractalfece
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Comment count is 11
I nearly killed my friend with this video.
Yeah, the "fuck the government" thing kinda threw me. I... I mean, why? How're you fucking the government by being imprisoned? I don't get it.
because he's still ungratefully taking their money as they take care of him in prison.

this guy has an axe to grind. he was probably raped all through the foster care system and sees the government as the cold unloving father he never had.

The haha-you-have-to-expend-precious-calories-as-you-break-my-kneecaps school of thought.

It was that thin sheen of political activism that threw me. I thought it was like a moral blank check, as in "all the reprehensible things I'm doing are excusable because fuck the government."

I used to like puppets, no longer.
What about cartoon puppets?

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
what about puppet puppets?

Rodents of Unusual Size
If there were awards for trolling this man would get them all.
Skinnyman lives near me, i see him alot.
He drives a little van around with marijuana leaves painted on it.

punch drunk babies
I should go to bed, but that song. Was it a puppet original, or making fun of some Skinnyman rap? Either way im sleeping anytime soon, no sir.
He's comparing this rapper to a pet that shits in its master's shoe. Come on. Stars.
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