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Desc:Featuring 'We Will (Robot) Rock You'
Category:Video Games, Trailers
Tags:dj, Queen, daft punk, rhythm games, DJ Hero
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orca stra nded killa wails
Comment count is 21
Rating this based on its effectiveness as an advertisement; I now wish to purchase this game.
Yeah, too bad the actual game sucks.

Christian Synthare
Daft Punk vs Gary Numan?

I'm listening.
Spike Jonez
Are you?

Frank Rizzo
great, not only do we have a gaggle of retarded kids that think they can play the guitar by push buttons, but now we'll have a gaggle of retarded kids that think they can DJ.
Spike Jonez
Like that's not the case anyway?

Goethe and ernie
We already had a gaggle of retarted kids that thought they could DJ, they're called "DJs".

Goethe and ernie
And I blew my own witty comment by spelling retarded wrong, FUCK

Frank Rizzo
its ok, no one respects DJs

"oh wow, you can play other peoples music! Thats awesome!!"

You are eagerly awaiting the release of "Hey You Damn Kids Get Off My Lawn-Hero."

To quote JimL2: "All the bricklayers I hang out with think Tetris is a joke."

Frank, no sane person who plays guitar hero thinks they're playing a guitar, or learning how to. I've played a lot of GTA and Mass Effect, and yet I consider myself neither a hardened criminal nor a space marine.

It's a game, and everyone who plays it realizes it's a game. It's DDR with your fingers, for fuck's sake. The shape of the controller doesn't change that.

Three stars, however, since this wasn't very good.


Seriously though, this game looks awful.

I have never heard you say that, Jim. Why aren't you that funny in real life?

So now, instead of pretending to play music, we can pretend to NOT play music? My mind, she is a-blown.
Holy god, that's how it's supposed to sound!?
I want to one star this for the very concept of this game being so goddamned offensive... which makes it a five star video.
they need to continue to milk this:
"Triangle Hero"
"Cowbell Hero"
"Glockenspiel Hero"
Violin Hero is all they need to make.
Maybe Mandolin Hero too.

Banjo Hero.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/32799091@N00/131164169/in/set-7205759 4111041501/

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