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Desc:With bonus Português tradução.
Category:Sports, Business
Tags:MMA, UFC, Wanderlei Silva, PRIDE FC, whatta guy
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Comment count is 11
what a class act. not a lot of celebrities will do that for their fans. they just want to get in and out as fast as they can. if i were there i would want a picture of him punching me in the face. shit would be cash.
when the TF2 movie is made he IS the heavy. No argument. He WILL be eating sandvich.
Torture the Artist
If you don't let Wanderlei be a nice guy he will beat the living fuck out of you.
You could not ask for a better guy to kick you in the head.
When he isn't punching people, he plays with bunnies and puppies.
He is a nice guy out of the ring. He's been sucking ass lately in the ring though. Never been the same since Mirko KOed him.
he is too nice to win

Incidentally, is he named after Walter Wanderley?

Meh... win or lose, the guy is a fun fight to watch every time.

For real, best dude. He's a living legend in the sport and was -- at a time -- one of the most feared fighters on the planet. And by all accounts, he is seriously the nicest, friendliest dude in the universe.
What an incredibly cool guy totally not reflected in the fans of the sport.
hey fuck you i likeufc an I'll beat yer ass for even saying im not cool when an where faggot, when and where

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