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Desc:Watching a neighbor's wedding from the balcony.
Tags:Jews, WWII, Nazis, Anne Frank, somewhere jeff mangum is bawling
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Jet Bin Fever
Somehow it's sad and appropriate to see her watching a wedding while being hidden away and separate from all the festivities.
Hay Belly
There were other people watching too, she wasn't being hidden, and it wasn't a wedding. Other than that, there's Anne in a video.

Do you think she knew what the camera was? I'm not sure how popular they were during her time.
holy shit are you serious?

She thought the man had a demon on his face so she lit several candles and slaughtered a goat on the altar of her jew god so he would drop a bagel from the heavens and knock it loose

Oh she knew what a camera was alright. Her father was an avid still photographer and took a lot of pictures of his daughter. This isn't the only time Anne was ever on film, I mean her picture is right there on the cover of Diary of a Young Girl; this is the only time she was captured on moving pictures.

Syd Midnight
Splatterbabble: By 1920 everyone in Europe who didn't live out in the woods knew what a movie camera was. It's important to have a vague technological timeline.

I remember my grandfather telling me about the first time he saw a motion picture camera (as opposed to a still camera) when he was in his 20s (1950s) and even though he didn't know how it, or a still camera, worked, he bought one, figured it out, and was one of the only people around with one. His church asked him to film weddings and Christmas masses and they bought a projector and showed the films occasionally. He never asked for money, but when people approached him for films they would usually trade things for it. He got a really nice chair out of one of them.

So, if this is from early 1940s in a Germany where imports and commerce were really being cracked down on, I can imagine someone being a bit mystified about it. Amsterdam was pretty hip by that time, but I can see where a young teen wouldn't have been exposed to a camera during that period.
Crap! I thought I hit reply... My bad, I really am a moron...

Germany in the 1940s had the very best TV cameras - in fact they had the first aired TV show EVER in Berlin in 1935. And an expansive (if propaganda driven) movie and newsreel industry.

Agfa Camerawerk AG, Berlin/Munich, produced home movie cameras in 16mm starting in 1925.

See also Carl Zeiss for fuck's sake.

I know Leni Reifenstall (sp?), Fritz Lang, and others were big during their time but that was studio work. I really had no idea what the home movie market was like. Now I are educated!

Caminante Nocturno
I'm not sure if the inclusion of any sound would make this more or less saddening.
Yakkety sax?

i dont know

not a good way to stay hidden
Remember in primary/middle school when you were forced to read this boring as hell book, and then all of a sudden she started dyking it out...
If you went to Catholic school they tore those pages out, no kidding.

for some reason my middle school ignored it so i never read it? wa?

There she is! Right there, Herr Obergruppenshuppencommandenfuher!
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Nice find and remarkably clear footage considering the age.

But I really want to know the story over how this film footage was found. Kind of crazy to imagine if someone went digging through old youtube clips for, say, a civilian who died during the Georgia/Russia war not long ago.
infinite zest
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Snapping turtle climbs fence.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Look that Snapping Turtle is a symbol of fortitude and endurance in the face of impossible odds. A symbol that we can all adopt and feel for.

I have a few inappropriate jokes in mind but instead I'll just be amazed at an artifact of history.
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