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Desc:An in-depth analysis.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:virgin, rage, cwc, sonichu, Chris Chan
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Comment count is 30
I'm all for mocking the hell out of this guy -- he really does beg for it -- but this is, I think, taking things too far.
OK OK, I agree with you, but this video won me over with the house being infested by "cats and snorlax." This is 3.5 stars, not 4.

Together we will make a team vote simon.

Sorry for fucking it up.

Well, the "cats and snorlax" line DID have me laughing....

Yea, 2 for snorlax, but going to this length to rip on a tard, particularly when there is so much out there already, is a little creepy.

Even the cat is fat, albeit with a look of contentment.

I will admit, I've gotten sucked into this whole thing.

That is I am anticipating the fallout that will result from Kacey leaving Chris, it's disgusting I know. He's a human being.

But I'll be damned, it's like a car accident, you can't look away.

Who would have ever thought that a movie like "The Truman Show" would have some real-world analog.

Granted the subject in this video is at least partly cognizant of what is going on, and is a willing participant. However the resulting drama is real, even if it's set-up and contrived beforehand, which just completely messes with my mind.

Unless of course Chris Chan is in fact the greatest troll who ever lived.

Part of me wishes maybe that was the truth.
I'm personally hoping he's a troll and a sign of a new 21st century society wide self parody epoch or something. Otherwise, I see it like this : He makes the videos, he puts them on the Internet for people to see, and no one is actually physically harming him (that I know of). If people started kicking him into the gutter when they saw him because of these videos, then it will have gone too far and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Also, it's better than being in a retard home where staff would probably do just that. The Internet, so far, is probably good for him in a social acclimation kind of capacity.

It's a flimsy argument, I know, but it's all I got.

These stars are for "godawful cockblocking medallion."

Chris does nothing but fuel all the trolling he gets. Even if he wasn't using the internet he would still be trolled by people in his city.

Chris Chan isn't a troll. He's just not mentally capable of understanding a lot of what he's doing. He thinks he actually has fans and supporters, despite the fact the "fans" are people who enjoy him self-destructing on camera. He thinks that his bizarre, warped sense of humor endears him to people all over the internet and that he can milk it for some kind of e-celebrity status. It's incredibly easy to troll him because, whether it's his autism or what, he almost instantly believes anyone who emails him and tells him they're on his side. This is how so many of his videos have been "leaked." Most of his videos are made using his PS3 which has a system where anything you record is instantly uploaded to your PSN account where all your friends can see it. He's too stupid to figure this out, so this is how videos of him fucking his PS3 or touring his garbage house get out almost immediately before he is able to take them down.

This is the first chris chan video Ive seen, just to see what the fuss was about I clicked on this. Eh, I'll give it 5.
This was some terrible trolling.
Its not trolling. It is funny commentary for us fans of the Chris Chan saga. Chris doesn't watch most of the videos made about him because they are negative.

BTW Chris deserves all the shit he gets because he is a pathetic worthless person who mooches off productive tax payers. He is a leach and if there is any reason to block Obama-care its so that Chris doesn't receive its benefits.

What the hell are you talking about?

oh he is upset that the government pretty much pays chris chan to live the life he lives, and has been for some time.

and then he just threw in the word obama.

Holy fuck! I never thought I'd say this, but I actually agree with Cena_mark.

Ouch ...

Frank Rizzo
people who are not funny, should not attempt comedy.
Caminante Nocturno
This is just immature.
Preload is NSFW pickles and chinas are gross.
Rodents of Unusual Size

Also, was that really a photo of his room? The garbage was just...oh god
Dear Diary: Today as I was walking home from work I came upon an injured bird lying in a puddle. Both its wings were busted and the rest was pretty mangled too. It looked sad and pathetic so I put my foot over it and pressed down slowly. Its sounds and movements got more frantic the more I pressed it into the mud. After I was finished I practically skipped home, a smile on my lips and a song in my heart. What a great day.
Sudan no1
that shit aint cool.
Counterpoint: if Chris-chan were upside down, his horrendously bent penis could stimulate the g-spot (or prostate as is more likely given his natural propensities).
Protesting too much.
Pretty good case.
Hay Belly
Why is the diagram switched around? This will confuse Chris.
+1 for snorlax
Freeman Gordon
Wondering just how many actually have seen Chris's phallus, but are ashamed to mention it.
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