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Desc:Hey if it worked for 'Peanuts' and 'Annie'
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:80s, broadway, comic strip, Of course theres a musical, Mark Linn-Baker
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I had a friend who was a very high functioning Autistic at work and he told me about this once. He said that it's terrible, but everything that takes place in the musical works into the storyline of the comics. There's apparently a point where the story jumps ahead a year(or something like that) and the musical is the story of what happens in that year. So, regardless of how bad it is(and apparently it's terrible) it's cannon.
Treadeu actually put the comic on hiatus for 18 months to do this musical. When it returned, the cast (who had previously been a bunch of college students) were now all graduated and dispersed throughout the country.

I managed to get ahold of a copy of the script years ago. The dialog is often quite clever, but the songs were apparently awful.

punch drunk babies
I'm just waiting for the Of course theres a musical tag to be activated
Rodents of Unusual Size
Let our wonder twin tag powers activate!

Wasn't there a Doonesbury animated special? I have an old hardcover book with stills and the script, though that could have just been published after the show fell through.
There was. Occasionally clips surface on Youtube, but whoever owns the rights seems to be pretty zealous about keeping it offline. I don't think it was ever released to home video.

The Mothership
Good Steve Dallas casting. Roland too.
Dammit, I can't tell if you're doing that on purpose.

I like how the comic started as college students making fun of adults, then as Treadeu got older and crankier it slowly shifted to adults making fun of college students.
Write what you know.
According to this play he knew shitty music.

I know, read any random strip these days and there's a good chance it's going to basically be Treadeu going "THESE KIDS TODAY WITH THEIR FACEBOOKS AND WEBCOMICS AND MP3S AND HULA-HOOPS AND SUCH, THEY JUST AREN'T AS GOOD AND DEVOTED TO SOCIAL CHANGE AS MY GENERATION".

Being a Generation X abomination, I am often shocked and amazed at how motivated kids these days are.

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