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Desc:aka the GAYEST thing you've seen all year.
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:gay, carnival, yes dance, fork in the garbage disposal
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Caminante Nocturno
I really can't tell if this is an offensive parody, an inoffensive parody, or actually sincere.
All of the above.


I think they are gays of a less flaming stripe making fun of gays of a more flaming stripe as a way to promote the stupid DJ techno thing that everybody is watching.

Fucking fabulous.
I am from New Orleans. I've seen gayer.
Way over the gaybow.
Hay Belly
I knew I'd seen this before:

Hay Belly
Dammit, that one's short sorry Chiz kill me now. Your submit has naked man which I know you guys love looking at.

you know because you love it too

Hay Belly
My boyfriend can always tell when I've been on the craigslist personals looking at dick.

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
I think you mean "BY looking at MY dick"

La Loco
I knew I saw this somewhere, my first guess was here.

It is the perfect storm of gay.
Gayest thing I've seen all year...SO FAR.
Most gay I've seen is the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, which is pretty fierce as they say. This is gay club gay, or so I imagine it would be in the middle of ecstasy season.
hellOH! It's fucking HOT outside!
Gayest thing you'll see until the next trailer for a new Tom Cruise movie.
I do believe there are homosexuals in this video.

Timothy A. Bear
So, is this what I would get if I tried to take a cruise from Seattle to Alaska?
I've seen gayer on this site, but not this year.
He sounds like Paul Dinello
Wow you really weren't kidding. This is every shade of gay.
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