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Desc:Wherever he goes, I go.
Tags:children, 80s, Dolls, my buddy
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Corman's Inferno
My Buddy looks severely disinterested at everything.
sudan no1
for the parents of boys who insist on playing with dolls
This fucking song has been rattling around my skull for 20 years
"I'll teach him everything AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYEE KNOOOOOW!!!" I hate this kid.
30 lashes for ressurecting this horror of childhood. Please no "Kid Sister."
i look exactly like that kid in the 80's. i was 30 at the time.
The inspiration for Child's Play's Chucky. -1 for the goddamn jingle
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
Is your son too ugly to make friends? Then buy him a doll that looks just as retarded as he does.
My little brother had one of those, and I got in big trouble for lynching it.
Start with a My Buddy, ends with buying a Real Doll
My Chucky
Kids were so much easier to entertain back then.
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