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Desc:'It weighs about 50lbs. You can plug it in anywhere.'
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:ibm 5100, portable, tape drive
Submitted:B. Weed
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Comment count is 20
Jet Bin Fever
Absolutely none of these people had any idea how to use that machine.
Sold in 1975 for between ,975 (16kb RAM) and ,975 (64kb).

The difference comes out to 0 million / GB installed.

The price... is reasonable.

Oh man, the cow farmer guy...

"that's what I'm figuring out now...."

That made me burst out laughing in an almost embarrassing way. So deadpan..
Do your problems all involve finding the maximum of a real-valued function? Do you have too much time and/or money? Then it doesn't take an IBM 5100 to figure out that computers may be just right for you! (memory not included, internet not invented, see store for details)
Lord Peter Wimsley
The ten thousand dollar spreadsheet.

,400 in today's money and you still need two people to carry it. (Yes, I know one person could carry it but if you drop it you've lost the equivalent of a brand new car.)

Syd Midnight
What's alarming is that it would pay for itself in a couple months, compared to renting time on a million DEC mainframe.

Not so much portable as it was "luggable".
What's the only thing standing between America's cows and total chaos? This thing. Just listen to that inspiring music!
It sounds like the Rex Kramer Man of Action music.

It's no 0 Wal-Mart eMachine, but if it can save mah cows...
I should have clicked the reply thing first.

Not half as cool as the suitcase-style ones where the keyboard covered up the teeny screen/drives/etc when not in use.
How many of those companies are still in business? I wouldn't be surprised if the farm is the only one.
Lord Peter Wimsley
Yet the computer still works.

I think IBM may still be around. I don't know about any of the others.

Dave the Computer. Man this cat can swing. It weighs almost 50 pounds and it delivers my paper on time.
Just to add insult to injury, you're going to have to add on costs for optometrists and glasses from trying to read that little tiny screen.
I guess what we need to remember here is that computers back then were basically floor units connected to banks of reel to reel magnetic tape drives and programmed with huge punch-card reader machiines. I guess that makes this truly "portable" in that sense.
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