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Desc:As seen through a first person perspective.
Category:Military, Video Games
Tags:Piracy, holland, FPS, dutch, netherlands
Submitted:K. Brass
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Comment count is 17
This makes me feel like all FPS's have failed somewhere. Of course, it doesn't look fun when it's real.
:-( I was rooting for the Somali pirates.

Here is a better retaking of ship:

Were you rooting for the pirates cause of how many balls were in your mouth, Gamorrah?

Why yes. I was rooting for the pirates because of how many balls were in my mouth. How very astute of you. I didn't get your Gamorrah reference. Are you saying I am Gamorrah because: 1. You think I am the person called Gamorrah. 2. My post was in Gamorrah's style 3. I have balls in my mouth.

Gamorrah has defended the somali pirates as working class heroes against white oppression

So I guess 2 and 3.

I would not call them working class heroes. That being said I don't think its as simple as pirates = bad. Here is an interesting article: .
http://links.org.au/node/1011 Now back to the balls in my mouth. How did they get there? Whose balls are they?

I love the cognates, like "containers" and "teammates".
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
My least favorite level.
This makes me miss my time in the U.S. Marines. I was on a VBSS team, and there's nothing like storming onto a vessel not knowing what's where, or who's who, or what dangers might lurk behind the next hatch.
Damn, my dick's hard.
Are you a bouncer?

Okaaaaaay then. Are you for real? Because if you are you should keep posting.

Cena joined the space bouncer marines and came back to us.

The Mothership
This game fails the 'crate review system'.
Measured by Time to Crate, it's still better than Doom.

The bridge looks like a very pleasant working environment except for all the bullet holes and Dutchmen.
It's like Call of Duty without the shoot buttons. R1 and R2 just make you yell at pirates.
Thousands of nerds making FPS jokes, almost nobody making REC 2 jokes.
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