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Desc:No one is immune from Dr. House's biting zingers!
Category:Video Games
Tags:house, hugh laurie, shovelware, House M.D., biting zingers
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Comment count is 21
Can I finally make 13 and Cameron make out? Nothing like two long-haired twelve year old boys kissing each other!

What do you mean they're women? No they're not.
First of all, women don't need to be top-weighted to be feminine or beautiful.

Second, this looks even worse that the TV show has gotten. Also I can't figure out what platform this is for. This looks like a Commodore 64 game when even cell phones are running GTA.

Camonk you know damn well you rubbed one out to that chick when she was the Baroness in that GI Joe video. Don't front.

If you wait until the end it says that it's for PC and Nintendo DS.

Yeah Olivia Wilde is actually extremely hot

I was totally frontin'. I apologize, CapnJesusHood. Won't happen again.

PS: Cameron still looks like a 12 year old boy. I stand by that one.

Caminante Nocturno

Olivia Wilde is so hot her real last name is Cockburn. I must be 12 because I think "Cock burn" is a hilarious last name for a hot chick.

Syd Midnight
#1: Taub is the only one who looks like an actual doctor.

#2: Reminds me of an old Amiga game where they're garishly showing off the amazing 4,096 color palette.

This is a note perfect parody, just brilliant.
Caminante Nocturno
Everything you need to know about this game is in the preload image.
*Unleash witty comment on sick person
*The witty comment was unnefective
*Make sarcastic remark about the sick person's illness
*House gained a new level!
Louis Armstrong
New Perk Added!

Now you can call J.D. any girls name you like in rapid sequence!

Shit wrong show.

Minigame: play Vicodin Breakout!

I liked this game better when House was prince of Wales.
You laugh, but Im afraid if I show this to my mom shell buy a nintendo DS just to play it.

Is this game based on that one episode where there is a mysterious illness that stubbornly eludes diagnosis and treatment, and just when it appears all is lost, someone says something that causes Dr. House to get this far-away look in his eyes and he has an epiphany that saves the patient? All while there is that unpredictable sub-plot where House's sharp tongue and rebellious ways get him in hot water with administration?
I love that episode!
I sure hope the Professor will finally get that hovercraft built so Dr. House, Cuddy, Gilligan and all the rest can get off the island.
I hope to solve the case of the mysteriously bleeding car accident victim!

Hey, sometimes House is wearing a cane! That adds like, a totally different twist!

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