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Desc:Some furry named '2 The Ranting Gryphon' has his site listed on POE Red and complains about it.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Furries, 2 the ranting gryphon, portal of evil, autrocity tourism
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Comment count is 60
Squeaky Voiced Teen and Dennis Wolfberg shitted out an assbaby on to the internet.
Zoinks Scoob!

Spastic Avenger
There's a Streets of Rage sample in the music!

The Mothership
Man, you gotta REALLY be into your bird-of-prey persona to draw an anti-bunny rabbit poster on your character's wall.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was able to take 30 seconds.
55 seconds

Dread Pirate Roberts

Do I win or lose?... Probably lose...

The Townleybomb
I made it all the way through, but I was much younger then, and made of sturdier stuff.

The Mothership
Sissies. All of you.

bitches. lasted the whole time.

and all you bitches missed the punchline. you fucking christians.

Mike Tyson?!
Yes, when I think of PoE Red, I think of conservative Christan values. Man, he has you guys PEGGED.
Teenage christian conservatives no less.

This is ancient stuff but classic POE gold. Part of his charm is not getting it even when it's put in diagram and comic form.

In Jesus' all American superpatriot name let us censor this before we watch it again and jerk off to it.

poetry publishing guide
Yeah, good idea.

I do feel sorta shamed and chastised by being so thoroughly schooled by this guy, but at least on the bright side the chastisment came via his brilliant comedic stylings.

Dunno, PoE-Red kinda jumped the shark for me around the time (2003 maybe?) when the site began to become boring by virtue of every other featured site being furry. After the thousandth or so "LOL FURRIES!" comment, it gets a bit tired.

HI B1FF!!!!1!!!! UR VIDEO RULEZ!!!!!!1

he says fuck too much. it loses all impact when he uses it that much.
Ugh, morning radio is terrible.
We still have a POE Red? I'll be!
This is very, very old. 9/11 old
I assumed at first that somebody else just saved it for posterity but apparently this guy is proud enough of his "rants" to put them all up on Youtube.

I wondered about the age of the thing. It seemed a bit odd that he'd be ranting about PoE Red, which gets updated now, what? Every 3 months?

I did a search for "Portal of Evil" on Youtube and this is the only result that had to do with PoE.

It was in '02 I think. There were some nice extended dance remixea made of it.

Caminante Nocturno
Dread Pirate Roberts
Why do we look at stuff we don't like and then complain about it?....

Who doesn't? Seems to be the running theme of the human race...
I'm pretty sure 2 has built his entire hobby around it. He's put out CDs of him doing the same thing and charged people for them.

Someone should put up the AlienJack remix (or whoever it was) as well.
The Townleybomb
Nick C., if I remember correctly.

Where the hell is this Brent Spiner in tights homepage!? How can you keep that a secret!?

Wow, he really nailed u... you guys, he really nailed you guys.
Lord Peter Wimsley
Whats a POE Red?
Older than fucking shit. 2 was quite the exhibit during PoE's pre PoETV days.

I still liked Joe Cracker better though.
Joe Cracker-related videos here are way better, too.

Hell, this was an exhibit back in POE's PrePOE-News days.



man, you're something fuckin stpuid, huh

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Memories, sweet memories. When PoE-Red was still active and various whiny furries and such kept coming to the forums to complain that everyone there was just a bunch of Klansmen, or Christians, or mean jocks or whatever.
I'm getting all teary thinking back on the days passed.

Syd Midnight
Hark, the minions of Deke Lord Chet Poe

Why is POE-Red dead. That's what introduced me to this site in the first place.
Its where something awful would steal all their awful links from.

because the crazies moved to Youtube and DeviantArt and so on instead of building their own websites

I remember travelling through the catacombs of PoE Red back when i was about twelve. I remember stumbling upon a website of furry art, primarily furries being inflated via bike pumps or gas or whatever. At first I thought it was just some guys art collection, but by the time i got to the twelfth picture of an anthropomorphic tiger floating around the room after being pumped full of helium, i realized something was very, very wrong.

I'll never leave you, PoE. Never ever.

Syd Midnight
It was a true masterstroke of propaganda to portray PoE as the people licking animal assholes, as opposed to the website making fun of people who fantasize about licking animal assholes.

I'd like to update this with the information that 2 sells DVD's of his "standup comedy", available from http://www.rabbitvalley.com/.

He tries to compare us to censors, but we don't want to take anything offline, we just want to make fun of it.
Did he do the voice of Mandark?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh, that's what he was reminding me of!

teenage mutant lisa turtle
It sounds like he edited this ran so there was not a moments pause in there anywhere. Why would someone do that?

Griffin's have tremendous lungs from flying at high altitudes. On ground level he can rant for 10 minutes without having to take a breath.

I remember when this guy got into the forums and started owning PoE regulars at their own game with his English degree, tanacity and sheer faggotry. It was very sad to watch as he was very succesful at it.
Spastic Avenger
All I remember is him sounding like a poor Bill Hicks imitator and looking like a Poundland Hunter S. Thompson.

Spastic Avenger
I think he may be trying to be Spider Jerusalem.

I didn't realise how many of the people on here were old school POE red posters. I remember this guy, too!
Spastic Avenger
His was one of the first threads I actually posted in on the old site.

My opinion of POE is that it existed to document "strange" behavior in people, sort of like an independent museum. The fact that people made fun of the people featured was not always encouraged, but pursued by individual people.

Besides, everybody criticizes whatever makes them angry. It's an overlooked way to establish trust and common ground with people. You hate something, and I hate the same thing. Let's unite in our hatred.
The criticism of pubic breast feeding irked me. Too many children end up unhealthy because people are not feeding their babies the proper breast fluid that comes from human teats. I would rather be stuck in a crowded bus next to a woman breast feeding her child than to have to see fifty naked anthropomorphic wolf pictures. I'm sure that he scrapes the dried splooge from his shaft while he's showering with no problem.

Maybe he should take some of his own advice and not read the criticism about his work. Maybe I should take his advice and just exit the browser. Either way, we are both hypocrites.
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