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Desc:Fucking magnets...
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:ICP, Jesus, Anonymous, Calls
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Comment count is 10
Adorable internet scamps

"Lord help these people"
Urkel Forever
I wonder if he gets any legit calls?
I hate Anonymous both as a group and each of their whiny, maiden-voiced individual members, too. But it's like when two cockroaches fight.
Did I hear...Battletoads?
This was retarded.
I like the old Capn Lou Albano.
Man, while this was in the hopper I was planning some Captain Lou related comments, and here you come and snake them out from under me.

But why didn't he explain how fuckin' magnets work?
When you can't come up with good jokes, just make a lot of them.
no calls from his neck asking (ok, praying) to come home?
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