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Desc:An 'Ex-Gay survivor' talks about the entertainment choices in the program
Category:Educational, Religious
Tags:gay, movies, talking, ex-gay
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Comment count is 27
But.. Is he still gay?

Vestigial Johnson
did you miss the hat?

Speaking of gay I was totally promised beavis & butthead episodes this week and they were not delivered. It's like you are all programming me with your anti-gay agenda.
Spit Spingola
Pretty funny.
I have a similar story about the time I spent in the psych ward. We were allowed a group vote to decide what movie to watch from a pile of 80s VHS, and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT it was "Annie". I'd even try to get a group together to select something different, and the "Annie" fanatics would still outvote us.

My experience was slightly different. We had a really creepy schizoaffective patient who kept taking over the VCR and watching "Daredevil" over and over and over and over, laughing at any scene wherein someone died violently.

Wow, how many ex-gays are on poe?

I'm definitely not an ex-gay. I'm 100% in the now.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I think I may be a future gay.

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Hey Manfred, care to not be a coward and explain the 1 star?
Syd Midnight
He's still in the program and this video wasn't on the list

Congratulations on not sucking dicks for a while! Your an "EX-gay survivor"!
These stars are for your cluelessness.

And "Biblical porn"

Rum Revenge
His ex-gay survivor? Does he have a pet, then?

La Loco
This video is totally gay.
Five alone for the ridiculous amount of money he spent in his epic quest to not love the cock.
actually i'm kind of shocked that over 16(17?) years he only spent ~,000. treatment programs are not cheap.

Syd Midnight
The thought that years of religious brainwashing can be unraveled by the sight of a gorgeous ass is inspirational
Johnny Madhouse
Yes. It's good to know that my biological urges to obey authority can be combated by my biological prerogative to have sex.

"AVERT OUR GAYS" will live forever in my mind.
Louis Armstrong
Christianity is gay.
Apparently they tried to get his gayness exorcised. Multiple times.
Macho Nacho
This just makes me want to watch 'But I'm a Cheerleader' again.
Aubrey McFate
I liked this up until the Joseph Incident.

Then I LOVED it.
What no copies of The Wizard of Oz?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Sounds like a cult...oh wait.
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