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Desc:Boyfriend of the year
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:baseball, Chivalry, foul ball, no head tonight
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The Mothership
I think he showed great restraint with that reporter.
Just when you think someone couldn't look any more like an asshole -- BAM -- out come the sunglasses.
She doesn't seem terribly broken up by this. That, or she's saving the argument for when he's trying to angle for sex.
Houston has the highest rate of silicone breast implants in the world, so maybe she's just really insecure about keeping this fine specimen of man

At least she's letting him keep one ball.
so it's his fault she has shit reflexes?
It's his fault he's a pussy.

All her life that reporter dreamed of emasculating some dude who can't catch and that was her time to shine.
in other news baseball still a shitty, worthless sport for dicks
Yeah, I get the impression that after a few "ah, baby..."s that last tag will be proven wrong.
She knows how to pick 'em. Sideways hat should have been the first clue. Goatee the second.
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