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Desc:Guys, look at me. Guys? It's my last dying gasp, guys. Guys.
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:sad, maddox, best show in the universe
Submitted:moral sex
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I'm going to call this 'Highschool Panty Brawl: Generation Neo'
Comment count is 25
He's trying so hard, he really is.
He's not trying that hard.

I'm going to be the uncool one and say I like his schtick.

Also fuck that screaming Fred douche.


He improved with this thing called effort.
He will hone his shtick and maybe be funnier. Or maybe not.

Because publishing a book based upon your joke from eight years ago is a great way to prove you're still relevant.
Begging for people to subscribe to your Youtube page ironically or detachedly is still beggin people to subscribe to your Youtube page.
I get and like what he does here...although it doesn't make him any less of an attention whore

laughed hard at "looks like you have: Jew"
Eh, not bad. Not great either.

Fred must die.
Everyone is all upset because they came here ready to hate on Maddox but then he made a half decent point and they're all "Aw man, NOW how am I going to be cool and aloof?"

The answer, obviously, is to make a meta comment. Meta is the new apathy.
Honest to god, nothing makes you sound less ready to be on the Internet let alone hold an adult conversation than dismissing any opinion you disagree with that as made by people desperate to "look cool." My coolness or lack thereof is not determined by going either for us or against the collective grain of opinion of the Internet's moistly shouting mouthbreathers.

As for Maddox, he's smug, uncharismatic and his schtick is tired. One star.

I used to love Maddox until he became too damned cool to update his website. It was a simple site with a simple format all he had to do was complain. Instead of appeasing his fans he instead worked on a bunch of stupid side projects.

You're SO cool.

I think the problem is that if you need some tired Old Internet icon to tell you that Youtube Superstars are just as manufactured and soulless as any other medium's power players, you're probably not as far from the Fred-subscribing mouthbreathers as you'd like to think.

The message isn't bad, but obvious and made by a person who still looks pretty uncomfortable on camera.

Because I really needed Maddox to tell me Fred and etc. are this generation's embarrassing baggage.

it was OK

and also I found out about those two horrible youtube users
What the fuck was that thing called Fred? Why does it have the second most suscribed channel on youtube? I demand answers.
Some shitty internet phenomenon that kids are for some reason into now. The only "Fred" things I've seen have been the trailer for that stupid movie and the clips from this video.

I would rather sit through Charlie the Unicorn on repeat than watch 3 minutes of Fred.

Any questions that you have can be answered by the fact that degrees in viral marketing exist now.

Aubrey McFate
Old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn.
Wow, my expectations for these has been raised! Perhaps next episode he will tell us to go watch annoying orange Youtube videos if anyone dare criticizes his videos again.
I can't wait for Fred the Movie. John Cena is in it.
Better than his first one, but kinda boring.
Hey look, Fred! I'll watch one of his videos instead of this boring ass motherfucker!
Little did the doubters know that Maddox's approach would revolutionize the entertainment world. And that's why today (in the future) comedians just stand there screaming "I'M FUNNY! OTHER PEOPLE AREN'T FUNNY! LAUGH!"

Orchestras don't play music anymore, they just tell you how much other orchestras suck. Formal wear is still required, though.

Most novels consist of 500 pages of things like "this part is really exciting. Are you excited? Why not? Go read some of Frazen's pretentious shit, then, you loser, since you like being bored so much. Oh, and it turns out that Susan is the killer. You'd know that already if you'd been paying attention."

Yes, the Maddox method of acting like you're entitled to accolades and attention without putting in any effort of your own has truly revolutionized the entertainment industry. It's even branched out to other lines of work. The engine in my car is just a piece of paper reading "this car is awesome."
Seriously though. His page has never evolved beyond late 90s internet observational humor.

I think that's everyone's problem here, yes?

Mindless throwaway entertainment, five stars!
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