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Desc:Anderson Cooper with Melanie Sloan of J Crew
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Tea Party, witchcraft, delaware, Christine ODonnell, law violations
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 18
Devil made her do it. I'd bet money.
are 'law violations', like, crimes?
The Mothership
Melanie Sloan can investigate my ethics anytime she wants.
for real?

She would, but she's too busy investigating where her oats and saltlick went.

The Mothership
That's very unethical charmless, I'm telling her you said that.

She's Scarlett Johansson's mom. Whoa.

That's a different Melanie Sloan. Scarlett's mom was born in 1951; this one was born in 1965.

John Holmes Motherfucker
The fun is watching her little monsters reflexively defend her no matter what she says or is accused of, always ad hominem.
Just for the record: "Sarah Palin-style celebrity" officially means "Arrogantly stupid white lady who is unfortunately attractive"
Actually, in the case of OConnell it seems to mean "lady in politics who is literally trying to transform herself into a Sarah Palin doppelganger in the hopes of getting more votes." Seriously..she even wears little boxy glasses when making speeches in public now...

perhaps if I were in my sixties I would find her attractive, but she's dumpy and her spherical head does nothing for me

oh and lets add to that cloning perspective with the fact that when the media got tough, she then decided to run in order to "keep focused on local issues"

I keep trying to imagine Sarah Palin saying the word "doppleganger" but my mind can't comprehend the sounds.

John Holmes Motherfucker
Honestly, I think she's adorable. And that's why the GOP is going crazy for her.They love to rail against Hollywood, but they're always looking for a movie star to recapture the Reagan Magic. If not an actor, maybe a model.

Of course, the Reagan "Magic " derived much of its power from the fact that a large plurality of voting Americans still remembered Eisenhower. The moment is gone, gone forever. They can't ever recreate the glory, only the meanness.

Tragically, the Chief Wiccan was similarly railroaded for having once dabbled in politics.

Robin Kestrel
She predicted this would happen!

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