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Desc:'I'm a 25-year subscriber to Playboy and the New Yorker magazine.'
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:mullet, video, 80s, dating, moustache
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Frank Rizzo
before the dupe fairy's come out of hiding, theres some new gems in this one.

I had to tip the scales after the "hi mom!" dude.
yeah, some serious improvements over the last one, which was awesome.
God bless the sincerely dysfunctional.
all phases of data processing
Who throws the confetti at this parade of sadness?
sso i deceidd to pla y the 'probbabably a swerial killer' drunkingg game

the olny time i sstoped drunkiing was for the VIKING guy
whaut aruy you talkign aboujt? thye6 vikeiujg ddude is toltally a seirual kilier. :DDDSdd

Dean - Age 25

sure you are, dean, sure you are
Frank Rizzo
I noticed that to. Anyone else notice this?

Until that information screen, I thought Dean was the only non-creepy one.

Good going, Dean. Now I'll never go out with you.

Caminante Nocturno
I still can't get over the fact that the 'goddess' guy with the rose dresses exactly like I did when I was in elementary school.

Actually, my jacket was cooler, because it was covered in patches.
Frank Rizzo
You dressed like that in the late 90s?

This just in: Caminante looks like Jon Bon Jovi.

While I also refuse to date hamsters, I don't feel it's something that needs to be pointed out.
Life is a playground and I want somebody to play with.

somebody to play with

to play with
... fire breathing dragons.
Frank Rizzo
no hamsters

Something I can't put adequately into words about the guy with the socks and suspenders (as seen in the preview image) makes me want to find him and push him over.
2:38 Occupation: Taxi Driver
Occupation: Body Designer.

Help me understand this.
Corman's Inferno
Santa Monica and my front porch-swing. That's where you'll find the remains, officer.
"Dean" my ass, that was a young Jim Gaffigan.
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