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Desc:This clip courtesy of username Toenails.
Tags:mystery method, PUA, (point to schlong), DHVs
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Comment count is 6
Now i want to see videos of pissed off guys complaining about how much they paid for this, and how little it worked. Other's besides the TFL guys that is.
I'll see what I can do. This week I've got the worst cold I've had in like two years, this is great distraction.

The core of a well executed "seminar" business is drilling into your customers heads that the techniques are demonstrably flawless. When the customer fails to get results, they have to be convinced it's because they weren't using the techniques the right way, and that they need more seminars.

see also: the "I'm Facing Foreclosure" guy. Puzzled as to why he wasn't getting rich in real estate, instead of trying to pay his 5 mortgages or settle with the banks, trying to scrape together money for more seminars.

So all it takes to GET LAID BY CHICKS is to dress and talk like a douchebag?
It's called peacocking brah.

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