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Desc:Have you ever met a foreign exchange student? Same thing.
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Angel, fox, christians, journalism, blessed with cancer
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Somewhere Carly is hooked up to an alien breeding machine, and God still laughs.
If black-haired-guy-who-isn't-the-brown-haired-guy-who-isn't-Steve-Do ocy was a lawyer he'd be thrown out of court for leading the witness. He's not even asking questions, he's just prompting the story.

I wonder if he cut it off due to the concluding line: "I've found that the depictions of angels differ, but they all match varying depictions in media and literature."

"How about the angel that was packing?"

"Well, a lot of Mexicans had begun moving into his neighborhood and he just didn't feel safe anymore. He has a right to defend his home and property. That's what he told my daughter before he shot her, thus blessing her with death."
Angels Everywhere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXGjemM_K84
Maybe one of the angels could have used their infinite mercy and power to save an 18-year old from dying? No? Alright then.
Is the word 'Doctor' losing all meaning in the US?
Same with the word "insane"

Not losing meaning, but taking on many, many more meanings and thus losing efficacy.

I'm pretty sure he's trying to be the next big evangelical celebrity. Which is appropriate, because he does indeed fit the scumbag requirement.

Yes, my daughter, who was on a laundry list of medications, was moments from death, and who had a maturity level where she thought an airhorn was a good time told me she saw angels, and I believe her.
I propose "why common sense hates us" as a tag.
Oh god, that's my local megachurch pastor.
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