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Desc:YES! It's FINALLY here!
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Star Wars, pizza roll, Stroke Guy, RedLetterMedia, Plinkett
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Comment count is 45
Sitting on a couch.

Don't forget they're sometimes walking somewhere!

And thanks to Yoda's flying chair sometimes they walk somewhere and sit on a couch talking AT THE SAME TIME!

It's funny how Plinkett would go on about the repetitive blocking, right after the "Mary Worth" thing moved off the front page:


In a perfect world, those walking / couch discussions could have been blocked and framed like Mary and friends.

That's probably Plinkett's best insight in this one. George Lucas has the visual storytelling acumen of a Penny-Arcade comic.

Mister Yuck
No he doesn't. He falls short of even that.

What makes this even more depressing is that Lucas used to have real visual talent--he started out in avantgarde film and THX 1138, despite its many problems, is easily one of the most visually impressive films I've ever seen.

Fuck yeah.
I've actually never managed to sit through all of episodes 2 and 3. I've sat through all of these reviews.

Five stars alone for part three where Plinket ends the death of a thousand cuts on the movies and starts dropping absolute bombs.

'Stroke Guy'

I'm honestly tempted to watch this a second time which is certainly not true of Revenge Of The Sith

I remember seeing that film and being genuinely depressed by it. These reviews have given me a much-needed catharsis
Really !! NO foolin ? Well my new years plans just changed
Plinkett must live in Madison.
He's drinking New Glarus beer, and his short fat bald man is actually Childress.
Go Pack.
I think he lives in Milwaukee. I need to buy this guy a beer.

Dr. Zoidberg is right.
YES! Happy New Years, POETV!
Admiral Bone-To-Pick
So I guess it's true, the Nadine subplot is about showing how to seduce someone to the Dark Side convincingly.
These reviews work on so many levels.

yes!!! yes!!!
Loses a star for replacing funny serial killer humor with boring product placement, loses another for Nadine having more screen time in the trailer for the review than in the actual review.

Totally phoned in critique too. He's right about the movie, but seems to have gotten bored with the presentation of his opinions.
Mike Tyson?!
I am not sure that product placement was real. Hmmm.

Those totally serious product placements...

You're 3 starring this because there's not ENOUGH boring skits starring theater major lady friends he wants to bone?

Mike, I know the product placement wasn't real, but it was still boring and not funny.

Fabio, yes. I know most people didn't like those skits, but I did, and so I do miss them when they're not there.

There are things we like, don't like, and really want to like but couldn't, and the punchline that he DIDN'T save money with Xerox qualifies as the third.

Fucking his cat, golden. More cat fucking, please.

Review okay, but I kinda liked the premise of "Stroke Guy" as plausible evil character, better fleshed out in glimpses from these reviews than Vader is in 8 hours of prequels. This dropped that ball.

Jesus, you're the people who wanted Venture Brothers to stop telling jokes so you could get more backstories.

it's an easy target, but i'm astounded at how well he absolutely eviscerates this garbage film.
This makes up for the episode 2 review kind of sucking.
My childhood officially ended with a pod racing scene.

These saved me from ever having to watch Ep II or III.
I really, really hope that George Lucas has seen all three of these reviews. But I kinda doubt he has.
Yeah that's my personal fantasy while I watch these too. I think I would feel a little better if I just knew that he understood he's awful.

Yes I'm sure that will truly hurt his feelings while he's rolling around in his millions of dollars

I bet it pisses him off so much he throws the brick of hundreds, which he uses as a paper weight for other money, through the screen

I'm still amazed these haven't been yanked for copyright violations. The only reason I could see that is maybe by doing so Lucasfilm would have to acknowledge that these reviews exist.

I thought that he's on Blip.tv now because he kept getting pulled from YouTube.

This is educational fair use, and blip.tv is probably more for the clip length than anything

I know it's fair use, but that wouldn't stop YouTube from pulling it.

Young Han Solo
Thoughts in no particular order:
Lucas watching these Clockwork Orange style.
Ebert admits that Plinkett is correct.
This particular set is the most brutal of the three reviews.
These videos do not violate any copyright laws.
Look at the shelf of Cliff's Notes the villain has on his writing desk at about 1:01. Asshole.
Foux du Fafa
Great logic doesn't make a great film. Especially if it's an action film. But that's his main focus. I agree more with his points about tone, character motives and arcs.
Except that these aren't supposed to be just action films. They're supposed to be epics and they often aspire to be serious dramas.

some americans were born in the 60s.

i wasn't

can't relate
Screw the hatahs.

I liked it.
Easily the most disturbing aspect of the Plinkett Star Wars reviews is the behind-the-scenes footage with Lucas. Watching him sip his coffee as he sits in his chair and coldly lords over his boring green screen fields of nothing is really sad. The fact that he doesn't allow his actors to improv and has them stand around and talk like it's a linear, closed platform puppet show gives me the sense that he must be the most insufferable director to land an acting job under.
Apparently, Hayden Christensen tried to get George to let him revise his dialog a bit because he found it very stilted and unnatural, and George quite aggressively told him "You will read it the way I wrote it!", and based on his tone, Hayden knew not to push it if he wanted to keep his job.

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