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Desc:3 lint-covered McNuggets turn into birdies. Watch on mute unless you like crap.
Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:babies, birds, lovebird, bland music, hatchling
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Tom Collins
"Jars of Clay is a popular Christian alternative pop group. The group’s sound has varied over the years as the band has experimented with pop, folk, rock, trip-hop, gospel, and hymnsong. Its self-titled album featured layered acoustic guitars over programmed trip-hop beats. “Flood” was the band’s biggest crossover hit, and hit #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 12 on the Modern Rock charts." >4 million plays on last.fm

I...I am appalled people like this exist in such numbers.
Too bad these birds are going to Hell because they can't accept Jesus as their personal saviour :(

-4 stars for that god fucking awful music and reminding me Jars of Clay is still a band.

But + 10 because I like birds and this was pretty cool.

that band should have been aborted

birds are the reverse of humans, they start out ugly and grow up to be cute.
I'm surprised at how much the-kids-are-cute-so-you-don't-kill-the-needy-little-parasites thing is not in play here.

They're cuter in person - I think it's the helplessness and weakness that still triggers some sort of empathy or parental instinct. But yeah, they're still pretty freaky.

I don't know why birds hatch in such an undeveloped state as compared to reptiles (who tend to look just like miniature versions of their parents from day 1), but I suspect that feather growth has something to do with it.

Only birds that build nests in out of the way places have the luxury to hatch completely helpless, blind, and naked.

thanks for reminding me how adorable baby alligators and baby turtles are. squeee!!

Human larvae aren't any cuter.

American Standard
Jesus Christ those bulging, distended, translucent crops, worst thing ever about baby birds.

So why do I like this so much?

I am a mystery.
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