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Desc:I can hardly believe the graphical and spelling prowess.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Street Fighter, Tekken, fighters, artistry
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Comment count is 15
I wasn't prepared for what happened after "GO!"
Dr Dim
I wasn't prepared for Paul's shorts. This is certainly a different side of his persona.

You misspelled "Pual"

I can honestly say I was expecting this to be a Ulillillia video game.

I'm amazed that the character whose only move was "Fly away" didn't win.

Corpus Delectable
I'd play this. AS IS!!
Puael Pehonix VS Royuuo!
MC Scared of Bees
What kind of idiot picks Pual when faced with Royuu, I mean really.
This really needs a fighter maker tag.
At 0:35 Royuu falls over like a regular person, then corrects this mistake by spinning around, smashing his face into the mud, and pointing his ass to the heavens.
1:15 is the greatest move in the history of ever anything.
I agree, but I can't figure what makes it so awesome. I think it's the sound effect.

Tears in my eyes, here!
I would play the HELL out of this.
A Jumping Spider!
Royuu is wearing high heels.
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