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Desc:That Uncanny Valley is brutal.
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:Robot, uncanny valley, nightmare fuel, dead eyes, furreal
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Comment count is 14
Patient Property - 2011-02-21
I love these things. all pawing and screaming from inside their boxes at Target.
La Loco - 2011-02-21
Can I has robo cat?

Robert DeNegro - 2011-02-21
I wanna beat that thing with a stick.
CJH - 2011-02-22
I'm sure these are gonna end up getting fucked pretty quickly.
Kumquatxop - 2011-02-22
this sequel to A.I. is terrible!!!
Innocent Bystander - 2011-02-22
Sometimes dead is better.
bluiker - 2012-09-04

freedoom - 2011-02-22
Does it do anything other than sitting there and nodding?
Robin Kestrel - 2011-02-22
Because a real cat's head is round like that.
Magical Man from Happy-Land - 2011-02-22
dead soulless black eyes
Gojira1000 - 2011-02-22
Sometimes that shark he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. And, you know, the thing about a shark... he's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be living... until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then... ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'.

themilkshark - 2011-02-22
I'm just imagining a neglected unfed cat off camera while this dolt plays with the crappiest cat robot I've ever seen.
Jane Error - 2011-02-22
It ignores your entreaties--just like a real cat!
bluebeetle - 2011-02-23
Super-Toys last all summer long!
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