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Desc:Christian radicals came to Auburn University only to be confronted with the fabulous.
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:Insane, Flaming, preacher, college students
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Comment count is 13
This makes me smile to see this happening at Auburn. Maybe the South can change. Granted, he's appealing to the stereotype of the flaming homosexual, but still....
There are tons of Yankees at Auburn, it's practically a liberal institution.

Dread Pirate Roberts
It is. I was born and raised in Auburn. It's an oasis of normality in the South.

I knew I picked the wrong fucking school when I chose Ole Miss.

I like this guy.
why are religious nut women always wearing denim skirts?
In order to answer your question, I looked up a history of denim. By what I can tell, it's a concerted effort to destroy the memory of Steve McQueen.

They don't cut their hair either.

Notice that the gay guy has better fashion sense than that woman!

My personal opinion: At this rate we're all going to Hell, even the fundies!
Yeah, it's crazy because fundies have always been known for their fashion sense and gays have always dressed like hobos.

Just entirely too much sass for me to handle.
two snaps in the air amen
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