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Desc:He is too concerned about not repeating himself in my opinion
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:google, achewood, Chris Onstad, google talks
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NewHeavenSalesman - 2011-03-26
Just visited achewood and read onstad's GOD I HATE COMPLAINTS MY NORTH KOREA TEXT ADVENTURE WAS GREAT blog/interview hiatus announcement, then looked at the related videos and saw athodyd's rendition of Judas Priest Friday.

A whole rollercoaster of boring internet emotions.
Chancho - 2011-03-27
FABIO - 2011-03-27
That sure is a fitting title typo(?)
Xenocide - 2011-03-27
It's sad how little I care about Onstad or his work anymore.

I think the steady decrease in output coinciding with the steady increase in requests for money just rubbed me the wrong way.
stage - 2011-03-27
I like Onstad, he's honest and a great writer. In one interview he tells of how a fan came up to him and said "You're Teodor aren't you?" - and how he was like, yeah... I guess I am. I look forward to his future 'post-achewood' work and wish him well.

dueserpenti - 2011-03-27
Completely separate from the content of the talk, fat nerds with sideburns.
teenage mutant lisa turtle - 2011-03-28
My fiancee ordered a lot of Achewood loot for me for my birthday, and a month after waiting, the achewood email dude/dudes just told me he hasn't been into making this stuff for a bit. A big fan, but this with the lack of new content... dammit I sound like an internet dude now
teenage mutant lisa turtle - 2011-03-28
+1 star since I didn't watch all of it BLEEDING HEART

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