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Desc:Working link. Donate ,000 to make this cartoon a reality.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Trailers
Tags:Least I Could Do, Mary Sue, webcomics shouldnt be animated week
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Comment count is 25
Ugh. The strip is evil enough by itself.
That guy has the most unsettling serial-rapist smile I've ever seen on a cartoon character. And I've been known to watch anime.
Macho Nacho
This is by the same people who did the miscarried Ctrl-Alt-Delete animated series abomination.
I never knew futurebot had his own webcomic!
"Teletoon was going to pick me up but they wanted minorities in my cartoon FUCK THAT SHIT"

I told them I already had a hot Asian chick in it, but apparently that's not good enough.

Unmerciful Crushing Force
Looking at the story the guy posted and the fact that Teletoon went ahead and did a show that took more than a few cues from it ("The Dating Guy," if you're so inclined). We can all talk about how it's a shitty comic and the guy was an idiot to walk away from a TV deal (Can't judge since this is the first time I heard of it), but it does suck to walk away for what you believe and have a company screw you over. Just saying.

Five for evil on all counts.
Kid Fenris
This guy's shitty comic and Teletoon's shitty show really don't have much in common apart from the same "single man-children with sarcastic token woman and wacky Family Guy humor" premise that's used in 50 percent of animated sitcoms and 90 percent of webcomics.

There's nothing unique about the concept, characters, and writing of The Least I Could Do, so there's nothing to actually steal.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I love how he complains about all of the suggestions Teletoon made, because I think I would actually like to watch it if he had used them.

Wait no I wouldn't, the character designs are shit and it's boring.
I've never heard of this before. Is there more to the general story than a Canadian guy who likes to look at tits?

If you dare...

Ah. So it's like Garfield for a new generation. Great.

More like, Least I Could Douche, am i rite

Seriously, there was a storyline about the douchey manchild main character accidentally flashing his junk at a female co-worker in the restroom and by golly, his wacky, in-your-face humor about the situation led to her feeling better about herself and her troubled marriage.

But he also has another shitty comic, that is supposed to skewer the comic book industry, with different guest artists.


and it's just what you'd expect from the maker of LICD, complete with overblown "Ha ha, I ain't PC, yo!" humor and smugness.
It's really sad how many amazing artists he gets to make his shitty jokes look awesome.

I had never heard about LICD until today. Attempted to read the comic strip, was bored to death. Oh well.
celebrate misogyny!
YEAH! A SHOW FOR WHITE MEN! What an AWESOME idea, just what TV needs more of! Dig that ROCKIN' theme song!

Chris Chan would love the fuck out of this show.
There should be a version of Kickstarter where you can vote against projects.
yeah, I'd pay money to prevent this from happening

5 for evil. The comic's about the author's Mary Sue fucking every woman he sees and being a dick to everyone else. Clearly he needs insane amounts of money to animate it!

Also in the hopper is the PVP guy's attempt at making a live action series. Someone needs to vote that shit up because it's astounding how awful it is.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm certain there are ways to waste money on pointless projects that don't involve the stigma of this webcomic.
God damn it. I hope the whole thing goes up in flames. The comic is horrible and the creator is a fucking asshole. He's aware hes an asshole which I don't know if that makes it better or not.

Mayeb I should save my hate for the inevitable Crtl+Alt+Del cartoon/movie.
Caminante Nocturno
An asshole who's aware of it is the worst.

I just read a few LICDs, I have never hated a fictional character more.
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