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Desc:'I'm not going to try to make any hard legal arguments but rather present an apologist's viewpoint'
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:Anime, lolicon, why the terrorists deserve to win
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Comment count is 39
Caminante Nocturno
You guys should take my advice and not watch this. Just give it 5 stars and walk away from it.

I'm warning you.
Don't read the Youtube comments either. Jesus.

All I will say about this video is that you can actually hear him speak in the version with the shitty music turned off, and that part about the little girl/puppy dog hybrid story is the most pathetic and hilarious thing I've ever heard.

Dr. Lobotomy
Not watch this, why?

"I'm personally partial to petite, buxom, baby-faced girls, which seem to be in sadly short supply."


Oh, right. That guy is out of his mind.

The apparent immorality of certain pixel alignments. This guy is awesome.

"Look man, it's crazy to blame people for how certain photons bounce off objects and are interpreted by the eye! It's the fault parents and elementary physics that they 'perceived' me masturbating in the bushes next to the playground, and their neurons 'interpreted' that as offensive based on totally subjective standards. If only they'd grown up in a more enlightened culture like Japan, they'd understand."

I was gonna make a throwaway joke apology about posting videos from your youtube account on POETV but then it suddenly struck me that you must know people like this in real life, and I think we would all benefit from a couple stories.

So dish, caminante.

Reminds me of this little nugget of joy someone sent me the link to TvTropes, in the comments section of some creepy anime about a little girl trying to put the moves on an older man or something.


"Pedophiles are human beings, too and they don't all molest children. Furthermore, the characters are drawings. Fictional creations that came out of somebody's head. They are not real people."

Kodomo No Jikan. I pretty much knew it had to be Kodomo No Jikan before I clicked on the link. Written and drawn by a Japanese woman, who apparently has some huge fucking issues to work out.

The Mothership
"The sexual content is very important to the plot development. The story could be told using less sex than the game actually employs, but too much emotional impact would be lost if both the pornographic or the lolicon element were removed."


Dunno Cam; most who frequent this site should be able to handle this. Barely.
I recommend massive NSFW tags. There's no nudity (that I saw), but I can't imagine anyone who sees you watching this would ever speak to you again without the presence of a baliff or plexiglass security cage.

It seems like the only difference between kiddy porn anime and the other kind, is a shorter stature and realistic breast size. Of course, that doesn't make either one better.

Yeah, I'm sure Old Yeller would have had much more emotional impact if the boy had fucked the dog repeatedly before the dog dies.

Hell, maybe even have one more time after, for old time's sake.

And the "voice only" version of the video is begging for a creepy music mashup. Maybe some GodSpeed You! Black Emperor, or SWANS, or any other tragic music selections to go with.

Caminante Nocturno
The MANOS soundtrack.

@Caminante here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MLp3C5gnw4

http://youtubedoubler.com/?video1=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fw atch%3Fv%3Dp2H42CmK2SM&start1=&video2=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com %2Fwatch%3Fv%3D_JR8ols4mYc&start2=&authorName=Over+30

These are the things I hold onto
These are the things
I use to deceive myself


This is confusing, is child fucking artwork okay or not?



Girldog fucking game.


"He helps her deal with the difficulty of seasonal breeding." "He's a mixture of lover, father and brother." She's a little girl dog in a game full of OTHER little girl dogs. People keep little girl dogs as PETS. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, Japan? And that was his BEST example of lolicon storytelling?
Well, I wasn't going to watch the video, but you've tempted me with exquisite madness and now I HAVE to.

Thanks, JERK.

I'm sorry, but I had to say something. I'm literally sitting here dumbfounded, trying to make sense out of this. Since the children who get fucked in the game are also dogs, that means you're getting both pedophilia AND bestiality, two taboos in one creep package. "Wanko to Kurasou" has reenforced my cynicism. The world is a goddamn stupid place and it's crawling with really strange perverts.

But on the plus side, its title sounds like "Wokka to Kurosawa" so I'm going to pretend it's a game about Fozzie Bear becoming friends with the director of Seven Samurai.

Also they're cops.

spiteful crow
Oh good, I hadn't watched the video yet and when I saw "little girl/puppy hybrid" in the comments I thought that meant someone was cranking it to Nina from Fullmetal Alchemist or something.

Though yeah this is probably worse, anyway.

All I can get from this is that people have some very strange hobbies. I think it's weird (and probably unhealthy) to enjoy this kind of thing but I am glad the guy limits his appetites to doodles.
The Great Mel Bay
Ummmm... ok then man. I guess i agree with nikon on this one...
Let me tell you a story, people. A story of a world where little girls aren't saddled with annoying concepts like human rights and personhood, because they're literally domestic animals. That you can fuck.


In a way, he's persuaded me. I'm not convinced that marketing animated incestuous bestiality-based rape fantasies of slave girls with huge eyes, childlike facial features and massive tits are made significantly worse by reducing breast size and pretending it's younger. Of course that utterly fails to enhance my opinion of him or Japan in any way.

Macho Nacho
I started rolling my eyes when he said that Lolicon is a form of artistic expression.

Dude, you're jacking off to 2D-drawings of little girls. You're one-step away from the real thing.
Oh god.

Who gives a shit what you wank off to you weirdo. Keep it to yourself.
I am all for freedom of expression and speech, but don't expect people to give you respect because you can come up with an elaborate apologist excuse for your delusion. You are into fetishization of child abuse, plain and simple. Because it's fictional and fantasy, the children don't "mind" and there are no actual consequences, but the fact is still that you get off on it. That is...sociopathic to say the least and absolutely nothing changes that. Falling back on the old "well people have sex and like sex so WE DENY OUR HUMANITY TO NOT BE INTO PORNOGRAPHY" excuse is basically the shit that any pervert ducks into. You are literally only an inch or two away from being one of those of making the argument that possessing child porn should not be illegal because it might help someone deal with their desire to rape children better.

In short, you're a socially broken fucktard.
The terrorists will have to blow up Akihabara if they want to get rid of these weirdos.
I voted this out of the hopper mostly because it is a fantastic example of how not to approach a serious issue. Also, the preview frame.
Xenagama Warrior Princess
This is on the same plane as JohnofE trying to justify why he wants to fuck a dog but admitting to others he knows it is wrong.
the effort alone deserves 5 stars
Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people
Syd Midnight
Less than 1 minute in he gives the "fake child porn keeps me from having to buy real child porn", which I assume is his thesis statement.
Jet Bin Fever
*sound of jail door slamming shut*
Pope Caius
Try watching it with the Annotations on.
"I think that every liberal understands the basic concepts of right now"
"that's when the government and stuff and technical contractions cramps substance"
"circles lusting after children"
"it's very terrible"
"butterntoast is very hard"
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