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Desc:The most incredibly 80s thing I have EVER SEEN. Featuring Tiffany as the voice of Judy!
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:80s, truly outrageous, Tiffany, tons and tons of cocaine, jetsons
Submitted:spiteful crow
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Comment count is 28
So when is the gritty Jetsons reboot coming?
Spit Spingola
Is that blue guy from whatever race Captain Planet is?

The montage of 80's music video animation/deco styles contrast nicely with bad Hanna Barbera animation. This movie actually came out in 1990, continuing Hanna Barbera's tradition of always being a decade behind the times.
Nothing can be more 80s than the early 90s.

It was an awkward transition of styles, so you had stuff created, produced, made, released, etc during 1990-1991 that was even more Totally Eighties than stuff from the actual Eighties.

Alot of the most stereotypically 80's stuff seemed to have come out in 1990-92.

it always takes a decade a few years to hit its stride

Early 89-91 pop culture is it's own little super concentrated thing. It's the neon of the 80's pushed to the limit and pumped through a very wholesome filter. You can probably mark the beginning of normal 90's where MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice's schtick began to decline (91?). Or so future archaeologists will theorize.

It was written and filmed in like 1988, then sat on the shelf for a few years.

Tiffany went to the same high school as me. Of course, that was years before I went there, and no one my age knew who the hell she was but yeah.

Also, I never knew there was a theatrical Jetsons film, with fluid animation none the less. God, I can't even imagine what the plot is. I always thought the cartoon was painfully boring.
I remember being forced to sit down and watch this one afternoon when the adults wanted an hour of peace, but strangely enough, I don't remember this part.

I do remember that the movie had computer-generated animation sequences that TOTALLY failed to mesh with the 2-d style of the rest of the film.

spiteful crow
If I'm remembering my hazy childhood memories correctly, the rest of the movie was a bunch of heavy handed 'environmental' stuff about these Ewok ripoff aliens trying to save their planet from pollution or something.

You are correct Spiteful. I also seem to remember that Wendy's had the obligatory happy-meal agreement for this one.

I actually saw this a couple of weeks ago. I don't think I heard half the dialog because everyone in the room was riffing the film constantly, but I'm sure it was more entertaining that way.

It's about George getting promoted and moving the family to a mining planet where he becomes VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF POLLUTION AND SLAVERY except he's too fucking stupid to realize it.

Eventually someone points out to him that forced labor is wrong so he spends the rest of the movie trying to liberate the cute fuzzy aliens from tyranny. This mostly involves making a preachy appeal to Mr. Spacely. Then every problem in the universe is solved by recycling and the movie's over.

So it's FernGully meets Lost in Space?

The only thing I remember about this movie is Mr. Spacely ripping a robot dad's heart out and it scaring the shit out of me when I was a child.

Is this the one with the scene where a guy with a mo-hawk is breaking plates in a van? Judy asks, "What are you doing?" guy answers, "Break dancing"! Ba boom pssssht.

Only other memory I have is Siskel and Ebert reviewing it.

What'd they have to say about this wreck of a film? you have to tell me!

blue vein steel
it's like a Sly Stalone painting come to life
This movie is like a rule book of how not to make a successful and timeless animated film.
FUN FACT: This movie contains Mel Blanc's final performance. The film was so bad it literally murdered him. Not literally.

"That crappy chord you just played that I hear in every other song, is that the crap you sent me?"

"Uhm... yeah, do you remember the words?"

"Oh please, just play your crappy song."

"I... why do we...?"

"Those aren't the words, Drain-O!"
Caminante Nocturno
This movie is only memorable in how everything about it is uniquely dull. I've never seen another animated movie that was dull the way this one managed to be.
Hanna Barbera really had a fetish for interrupting their cartoons with stupid music videos, didn't they?
Rodents of Unusual Size
"Tiffany, I know your popularity has been going slightly down, but this is the vehicle that will rocket you, if you'll pardon the pun, back into the spotlight!"


"Would I lie to you? Just sign here."

"But I don't sound like Judy Jet-"

"Ah ah, shh. Just show up."

"But this video doesn't even make any s...yeah okay."
This is the perfect example of "Mid-80s/Early90s Hanna-Barbera Recorded-Over-The-Phone" sound mixing. They did that in ALL of their shows in this period, some of the voices were really weirded mixed and flattened out with an odd white noise behind them, while some of the other ones DIDN'T have that, and they would mix the two into conversations and it would annoy me to death as a child.

Captain Planet and Pirates of Darkwater did this A LOT. I'm not an aspie, I'm just aware of shitty sound design when I hear it.

Also, this movie was supposed to be in live action originally.
I think Judy may have eaten one of those space plants...
Xenagama Warrior Princess
This is Yellow Submarine's illegitimate red-headed 80's stepchild.
Kid Fenris
God help me, I like this song.

Trivia: This movie also features music by the guy who sang the ending song for the MST3K classic Space Mutiny.
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