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Desc:It's a movie about Bobcat Goldthwait and...wait for it
Tags:Horse, John Candy, Bobcat Goldthwait, talking animal
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it pays the bills
From Wiki:
"The original cast for the film included Joan Rivers in Bobcat Goldthwait's role. Elliot Gould was the original voice of the horse. After a poor test screening of the film, the horse's half of the script was rewritten by future Monk creator and executive producer Andy Breckman in an effort to make the film funnier. John Candy was hired to re-record the horse's voice; he ignored the new script and improvised the dialogue instead."

Tim Burton was also slated to direct.

Someone really believed in this project.

Tim read the script, thought it was shit and made Beetlejuice instead!

The talking horse is much more believable than the idea that anyone could be in the same room with Bobcat Godlwait for five minutes without punching him.
La Loco
Have you listened to an interview with him? He's pretty insightful.

Having been born in the late 80s it's honestly pretty difficult for me to believe Bobcat Goldthwait actually existed / exists

I am shocked and disturbed that there is anyone alive who is unaware of this movie.
9 year old me ADORED this movie. I wore the tape out. This and "An American Tail".
Jet Bin Fever
Costarring with an animal was a pretty big thing in the 90s. I remember my dad taking me out of a number of those damned movies.
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