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Desc:Life long Jonny Quest fan undertakes a labor of love.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Hanna-Barbera, Johnny Quest, total ripoff of the Venture Brothers, Jonny Quest, stop motion animation
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Hoyt Curtin, the composer of most HB themes, was the father of SNL member Jane Curtin, and also composed the music for "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (what music wasn't needle drop public domain, of course).
Let me hit it with a barrel!
Wow, that's VERY nice stop motion animation.
BTW the creator has posted an *extensive* shot-by-shot breakdown of the sets, models, animation and shooting techniques, etc.


There was a lot of digital compositing involved. For example when they all appear in the cockpit together each character was shot separately, and even those shots are multiple layers because for example Hadji and Bandit were modelled at very different scales.

Having never seen the original show on TV, I couldn't help but get massive Venture Bros vibes. I didn't know the original VB intro was that spot on.
My mother, to this day, claims she has nightmares about the giant robot/spider thing in the show's credits. This was terrifying for the early 60s, apparently.

How can you possibly get the full value of Venture Bros without knowing the material it parodies? That's like watching Spaceballs without having seen Star Wars.

The clip makes me sad my children had no Saturday morning cartoons with murderous mummies, terrorists and death rays.

Innocent Bystander
Hey I love VB and the most contact I've had with Johnny Quest was some crap 90's reboot I watched maybe four times when I was 13.

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