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Desc:Abusing a physics engine and a vending machine to Ennio Morricone
Category:Video Games
Tags:vending machine, deus ex, ennio morricone, Asshole Physics
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Comment count is 29
5 stars for the vending machine rampage alone, and an entire fucking galaxy of violently beautiful supernovae for Morricone.
Seconding this.
His music still has the weirdest effect on me, as if it's not entirely real - or it's a glimpse into a world where shit matters.

A video of a man killing people with a vending machine really shouldn't be able to give me chills.

It's like the most violent buddy cop movie I've ever seen.
The very end was as close to a climactic vending machine shootout sequence as I think we'll ever get.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Derek Smart approves.
whatever happened to that guy.


I used to have high hopes for his games back in the day.

I remember playing the first version of BC3k and thought it had potential.

My cousin bought me a copy of battlecruiser millennium for one cent online.

And I was kind of hopeful for universal combat but... eh.

Oh well.


Derek Smart provided many lulz back when SA was in its heyday.

Can you beat the whole game like this?
cheap-ass game won't let you bring a vending machine into the boss fights

I carried a hacked turret all the way into the Namir fight and it basically mowed him down

You are loose cannon, vending machine, but you are DAMN GOOD COP.
Turn in your Hershey's Bar, vending machine! That little dust-up you had in the food court cost the lives of ten innocent people!

Why you run from vending machine?! it just candy!

Not sure that's a standard issue vending machine.

"I hate everything you stand for, Vending Machine, but I'd give my legs and then some for more cops like you on the force."

Did anyone else notice the "sales of lemon-lime up 45%, orange down 20%" crawl under one of the news reports?
If you're going to vend, vend. Don't talk.

Dammit, that was supposed to be a reply to PacoBird.

There are two kinds of men in the world: men with candy bars, and men who dig.
Robin Kestrel
Luckily, they're lighter than most.
MacGyver Style Bomb
And I just hid in the vents and took pot-shots during that big fight.
Chekov's vending machine
Dr. Lobotomy
2:24 No way I'm doing this sober
MacGyver Style Bomb
And the best thing is that in this game, getting boozed up actually gives you a health bonus.

Dr. Lobotomy
That and the video game logic of turning invisible, running into a crowd of dudes and just laying down a beatdown just pausing for a sec to bite into a couple energy bars to maintain the mojo needed to continue the invisible beatdown.

It would have been a nice touch to get to look into Adam Jensen's fridge to find nothing but energy bars and booze.

wow that was awesome, and ended perfectly
Immerse yourself in TASTE, motherfuckers!
Murder Vending Machine > Weighted Companion Cube
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