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Today In History 2010
Richard Dawkins on morality
Dawkins agree that atheism doesn't have any absolu...

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Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedrun in 18:10 (commentary)

Video Games - Arts
'At this point I shouted expletives and I felt like my entire body was shaking'

Zizek rants about James Bond, Sex, Violence Against Women, and Political Correctness

News & Politics - Educational
Worth watching the whole thing, he's quite entertaining

Angry Eric the Cockatoo

Nature & Places - Humor
Jack Jammer

Kids Attack Furries

Humor - Crime
Group of Furries get beat up by little kids in park

The Las Vegas Monster (1958)

Arts - Classic Movies
Test footage from Pete Peterson (Willis O'Brien's assistant). Rad stop-motion Lovecraftian horror

Dark Day in Golf

Video Games - Crime

Australian Star Fish Terminator in action

Science & Technology - Nature & Places
Robots sweeping reefs, assassinating Crown of Thorns starfishes of peace.

New Music On 73Q
How Do You Do It
Empress Of
Mothers In Jeans
Pretty Pimpin
Kurt Vile

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Adele's Duck Army

General Station

Reddit in the 1980s

Science & Technology - Humor
A wonder of the World Wide Web.

Trump's 757

Fashion - Advertisements
Just for fun.

Insane Bike Pump Farts 2

Horror - Sports
So this is a thing.

Jimmy the Boy Wonder - The Complete Film

Classic Movies
The first of schlock horror legend Herschell Gordon Lewis's two children's films.

Moonbeam City - Trailer

Humor - Cartoons & Animation
Albuquerque Halsey
Archer/Xander Crews passed through a Patrick Nagel filter.

The Magic Land of Mother Goose - The Complete Film

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
Herschell Gordon Lewis's other children's film, directed for hire and shot on a high school stage.

weed makes you peaceful, creative, self actualized wonder drug from god he put it in the ground

Educational - Arts

Gas huffing goes wrong

Accidents & Explosions - Educational
Elvis Hitler
lighters, gas huffing and enclosed spaces... what could go wrong

Was Jimmy Savile A Wizard? v1.0 **FULL DOCUMENTARY**


Soviet ICBM's aproaching L.A. - 'Miracle Mile' (1988)

Classic Movies - Crime
I love this movie but I'm submitting this scene for 4:30, tragically mirrored in Virginia today.

Wakeup Time For Blondboy

Horror - Fashion
Blondboy's 'Daddy' wakes him up

Slave Trade: The Game

Video Games - Accidents & Explosions
Killer Joe
Tetris meets unspeakable human suffering and degredation in this fun adventure/puzzle game!

How to draw a crumpled paper towel

Educational - Arts

MAn loses his mind/family dancing to BEcker themsong for 1 hr straight

Classic TV Clips - Crime
Your friend from improv class dances to the theme from that weird cheers spin off (Becker).

Super Mario World Credits Warp Explained

Educational - Video Games
Spaceman Africa
The fastest speedrun time for SMW requires pixel perfect accuracy to write code using ingame sprites

5 Weird Ways Dragon Ball Was Censored

Cartoons & Animation
il fiore bel
weirdness starts at 0:30 (nsfw - animated genitals)

JohnTV Ep: 500 - A man is busted by a drone having sex with a street prostitute in Oklahoma City

Crime - Educational
500th episode 'he's got a fxcking drone now' spectacular!

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