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The Simpsons - Apu's Citizenship Test

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
Binro the Heretic
I can't tell if the writer who came up with this joke was a jackass or not.

Pygmy Hippo baby goes for it's first swim

Pets & Animals - Nature & Places
at the Melbourne Zoo.

Bright Sky Event Over Southeastern United Stated June 29

Accidents & Explosions - Science & Technology
ignore previous submission

Terry Grant sets speed record for driving a mile on 2 wheels

In a car. Wheeeeeeee.

Punk Accordion Player and some nuns

Arts - Fashion
'Only in San Francisco'

Natinal Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982, full movie)

National Lampoon's movies have always been terrible, and this is proof.

Starfish Have a Disease Causing them To Become Zombie Starfish

Educational - Pets & Animals
Rodents of Unusual Size
It causes them to sever their own arms and create new horrible mutations.

New Music On 73Q
Super Jock
Goody Goody
So Long, So Wrong
Yes - Roundabout (Isolated Bass Track)

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Sea Lamprey Panic Response

Pets & Animals - Horror
Sweet dreams.

Spider-tailed Horned Viper: Persian Horned Viper

Pets & Animals - Advertisements
Your recommended daily dose of creepy crawly combat.

Going Overboard (1989 Adam Sandler debut) - Trailer

Humor - None
I have seen a LOT of bad movies but very few as bad as this.

Don't Let Your Son Cut Off His Penis

Pastor Manning warns about...Something?

Not Alone

Religious - News & Politics
Meet a group of people who have the courage to stand up for America's new oppressed minority.

White Collar Pitcher Plant

Nature & Places - Horror
Money shot at 49 seconds

Neil deGrasse Tyson: don't trust the laws of science

Science & Technology - Religious

Toomorrow (1970)

Classic Movies - Science & Technology
Aliens abduct a pop group (including Olivia Newton-John

Thundercats: Vampire Mermaid

Cartoons & Animation - Classic TV Clips
Two fantasy beings for the price of one!

Trolling Conspiracy Fans... FOR SCIENCE!

Science & Technology - News & Politics
John Holmes Motherfucker
Turns out consiracy fans are gulllible. Did somebody get a grant for this?

42 Days of the Daily Show (Stream Link)

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
Relive a chronological time capsule of the Daily Show in order.

Firefighters on scene at church fire in South Carolina

Crime - News & Politics
7th SC black church spontaniously combusts after the shooting

Anime girls smoke the purest form of weed

Arts - Cartoons & Animation
wtf japan
'The characters of the story are tiny particles of cannabis who live inside a bong. '

Actual Gameplay of the Long-Cancelled X-Com: Alliance

Video Games
Oh my good gay god is it terrible.

Josh Doggrel, Radicalized Confederate Militant

Crime - Crime
His boss is cool with it.

Innerspace - The Cowboy

Classic Movies - Science & Technology
The Mothership
Yippie ki you, ki yay

Tony 'Tony The Ant' 'Tough Tony' Spilotro Chicago perp walk

Crime - Fashion

Lawn care scam: Weed Man's angry customers (CBC Marketplace)

Business - Crime
Canada's largest lawn care company isn't concerned about petty things like 'contracts' or 'consent'.

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