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Today In History 2011
Cat does a thing
Wait for it...

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Ashley Madison Busted! (Full Confession)

General Station
submitted mainly for the youtube comments

EJArendee Talks About His 'Wife'

Religious - Horror
'The only thing that matters to me is this voice in my head'

Male Catheter Insertion

infinite zest
NSFW for a some jobs, but required watching for others!

The Oculus Metabone

Science & Technology - Arts
(NSFW) Couldn't find it on youtube. From a livestream somewhere. The future is here.

Roddy Piper promo before Iron Shiek match.

Classic TV Clips
'That's why I'm Roddy Piper, and you're not...'

Roddy Piper's classic line from 'They Live' You know which one!

Classic Movies
John Holmes Motherfucker
How I'll allways remember him.

The most beautiful scenery by drone ever

Nature & Places - Nature & Places
Epic Drone Videos
Hawaii by Drone

New Music On 73Q
Teen Dream
The Bilinda Butchers
I'm Your Man
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Play in the Summer
Trans Am

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Do labor-saving robots spell doom for American workers?

News & Politics
infinite zest

World's First Molten Salt Reactor

Science & Technology - Business
After oil runs out, this is going to start looking really good.

How to Launch a Nuclear Missile

Educational - Military
Simulation of armageddon kicked off by a douchebag.


Science & Technology - Educational
Soon we will have no schizophrenics to play with... or free will.

Life, man.

Pets & Animals - Short Films

MonoNeon: High School Blitz Interview with Apollos Hester - TWC News Austin

Arts - Sports
MonoNeon plays the song of humanity.

Republican ad: Republicans are great!

Advertisements - Crime
Killer Joe

Are for-profit universities taking advantage of veterans?

infinite zest

Porn Stars Pick the Most Bangable Republican Hopeful

News & Politics
It seems to be a tough slog.

Not today mother fucker!

Short Films - Accidents & Explosions
blue vein steel
It appears the greatest Youtube video of all time is no longer on POETV.

Entertainment - Trailer

Neil Hamburger movie? I give this five buckets of popcorn

My Brother Craig Explains His Snail Farm

Pets & Animals - Educational
Scott Manley, everyone's favorite Kerbal Space Program expert, shows us some snails

True Detective Season 2: Ray Messes Up

Classic TV Clips - Crime
always check your den thoroughly

The Contradictions of Capital - David Harvey

Educational - News & Politics

Forest Terry plays the original Keyytar

Arts - Science & Technology
Forest put a keyboard in his bass and called it 'Keyytar' years before they original Syntaur

'Clerks' failed sitcom pilot

Classic TV Clips - General Station
An attempt at family friendly sitcom based on a certain raunchy comedy. It didn't make it to air.

Poetv watches US make stuff: Glass Optic Tumbler

Arts - Advertisements
If you're not a chef and complaining about the heat..waugh

Cr1tikal plays as a sexy duck cop

Educational - Video Games
Sexy Duck Cop
Plays billiards, punches cars, fists a T-Rex, etc.

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