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Today In History 2015
Jim Bakker's Buckets
Somebody get me a bucket.... edited by Vic Berger

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Justice League - B Team

I guess Alf was busy that week...

Snake Kills Rodent Which Fascinates Baby Capuchin

Pets & Animals - Educational
...in which we learn that monkeys don't eat just bananas


Classic TV Clips - Arts
RIP Guitarist Malcolm Young, 1953-2017.

Garfield: His 9 Lives (complete)

Cartoons & Animation
The drugs kick in at 13:20

The Christmas Consultant - Trailer

Religious - Trailers

Giant Otters Take Down a Caiman

Nature & Places - Horror
...while sounding like children of the damned

The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

News & Politics - Nature & Places
Born in the RSR
no spoilers, just watch it

New Music On 73Q
Whispering Misty Night
Hiromi Tsuru
live October 3, 1970
Sonny Sharrock
Dead Moon

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Michael (1996)

Classic Movies - Humor
John Travolta is a slobby archangel in this box office smash

Creative PC-DVD Demo

Humor - Science & Technology
Maggot Brain
Get ready to have your baggy, beige socks knocked off, 1997. The future is here and it's called DVD

Tim Heidecker Murder Trial. Highlights From Day 1

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Half of poetv, enjoy. Other half, pretend its real and enjoy

The Daily Show Interviews Alabama Conservatives on Judge Roy Moore

News & Politics
John Holmes Motherfucker
Like shooting fish in a barrel

Boston dynamics tease new 'spot mini' robot

Science & Technology
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis on implying you are a real or fictitious government

News & Politics - Crime
Proposed law allows up to two years imprisonment even where no harm is intended and none occurs

Alexander the Great (1963/68, whole thing)

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Unsold pilot starring William Shatner, Adam West and John Cassavetes.

Audience Reacts to Pikachu Talking in English for the First Time

Cartoons & Animation - Accidents & Explosions
Marlon Brawndo
So many levels of what the hell did I just watch

Hermione Gingold on her dope musical.

The old lady from 'The Music Man' sings a nice song. Visuals by Vincent Price.

Cutie Honey theme song - Kantele cover

Cartoons & Animation - Educational
Maggot Brain
Come hear the song of my people.

Dragonball: Goku Meets Bulma For The First Time (Japanese)

Cartoons & Animation - Classic TV Clips
RIP Hiromi Tsuru, the Japanese voice of Bulma.

Deadpool’s 'Wet on Wet' Teaser

Holy fucknuckles I am high as a kite right now

Darth Vader Mask Fail

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
lieutenant halfabeef
Auralnauts shows why you don't cheap out on voice modulators when rebuilding your enforcer

RAMPAGE Official Trailer

Accidents & Explosions - Arts
Born in the RSR
Remember that Arcade Game from fucking 30 years ago?

The Truth About Soy Boys

General Station
About time we talk about this scourge

What's new, Atlas?

Science & Technology - Educational
Let's see the progress by Boston Dynamics...ha ha, we're doomed!

Donald Trump attempts to drink water

The fuck is wrong with this guy?

Demonstration of the Charlie Douglass Laff Box

Science & Technology
A once closely-guarded secret, used for nearly every USA sitcom of the 1960s

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