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Today In History 2014
Andrew Klavan: Why Do Blacks Vote for Democrats?
We're the REAL good guys

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Mafia 3 quality control.

Video Games - Accidents & Explosions
A gangster is trapped in an alternate New Orleans where physics and logic break down around him.

Inside Golden Corral Buffet - Cape Coral, Florida

Business - Crime
A silent, first person odyssey. Who put the Piazza next to Lighthouse Bay?!

Footage of a Car Flipping from the Inside of a Car

Its carpool karaoke like you've never seen before

how is pragnent formed

Educational - Science & Technology
I really want an answer to that last one.

Coriolanus: Universal Soldier (an essay)

Educational - Arts
That guy
One more try at making you watch Ralph Fiennes' Coriolanus


Video Games - Educational
William Burns
H. Bomberguy explores the deep truths hidden within our shared cultural heritage.

Haunted Lives True Ghost Stories

Horror - Educational
Rodents of Unusual Size
Join Leonard Nemoy and charlatan Slyvia Browne for many disturbing tales.

New Music On 73Q
I Can't Wait for Summer
Davy's Dinghy
Ruth Wallis
Ain't No Mountain High Enough

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A.J. Styles saves his opponent's neck

Sports - Stunts
At 1:10

Don't Fuck with Dan Spivey

Sports - Accidents & Explosions
Dan Spivey shoot beats the piss out of the Road Warriors for taking advantage of a young Undertaker.

John Oliver's Wife, Kate Norley on Fox News in 2007

John Holmes Motherfucker
She's a US Army medic, a Republican, and crazy-hot.

Ghostbusters 2016 - Kate McKinnon out-takes and improv

this movie was terrible, but the cast was excellent

Lindybeige tours his old school

Nature & Places

Internet Comment Etiquette: 'Alex Jones'


Donald Trump Gets Booed at Al Smith Dinner

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
This video starts right about the moment he starts crossing the line.

Guy makes electronic music by hitting CRTs

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Its pretty good!

Donald Trump Must Withdraw. Here's Why. (Keith Olbermann rant)

News & Politics - Crime
Man, remember when he used to spice up the 2008 Election with his rage? Takes me back. He's right.

Eric Andre investigates 3/11

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
blue vein steel

A rough idea of how tonight's debate might go.

Classic Movies
John Holmes Motherfucker
It may get awkward

Ethan Klien interviews Joey Salads

News & Politics
More substantial than MSNBC

Batman's parents dying: The Supercut

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
Spoiler: 'Mom! Dad! No!'

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Chris Pratt Movie

Cartoons & Animation - Trailers
Worth a look

Worst of My Strange Addiction

Classic TV Clips - Horror
Rock eaters, plastic eaters, blood drinkers, paint drinkers, you name it

Stray Cat Interrupts morning news show in Turkey

Humor - News & Politics
Born in the RSR
hoast barrels through like a pro

Monkeys can make stone tools too!

Pets & Animals - Science & Technology
They know our time is short.

PoETV Watches People Make Stuff: Warhammer 40,000 Chainsword

Arts - Science & Technology
MacGyver Style Bomb
Crazy bastards finally did it.

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