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Today In History 2013
Nick 'Spike' Bravo: LAST GOODBYE
Nick 'Spike' Bravo threatens to kill himself

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Don't Let Hillary Clinton Leave You Defenseless

News & Politics
Hugo Gorilla
Sensational anti-Clinton ad from the NRA.

アニメーションCM AutoPanther[オートパンサー]-鹿児島市にある新車・中古車

Cartoons & Animation
Animated by legendary Shinji Hashimoto

Bode Vocoder for sale on Ebay

Arts - Arts
I want it

All Scenes of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Sexy Duck Cop
Sorry for the quality, but this needs to be here and you know it.

Nick Bravo: Tommy Boy (Tom Fallator)

Crime - Accidents & Explosions
Nick's back. Y'all poked the dragon.

El Santo and the Blue Demon vs. Dracula and the Wolfman

Arts - Sports
Full length feature film from 1972

Hansen vs Predator Ep 1

Classic TV Clips - Crime
The creep hunt continues.

New Music On 73Q
Neurosis - Water Is Not Enough

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El Santo Reveals His Face

Classic TV Clips - Sports
Caminante Nocturno
Today (Sept. 23rd) is El Santo's birthday.

Idiot on jet ski is nearly killed by a container ship

Accidents & Explosions - Business
Crab Mentality

Hidden Message in Pokemon

Advertisements - Cartoons & Animation
Hugo Gorilla
When 4Kids decided to stop paying actors for recording commercials, they slipped this into a episode

Why Women Are Stripey?

Science & Technology - Pets & Animals

'There was no racism before Obama...'

News & Politics - Horror
Staggering state of delusion leads to Republican resignation

Touching Cloth

Classic TV Clips - Humor
That guy
We can handle it.

The Lost Jiz After School Special

Choosing between two gay guys and huffing paint. The Jiz way.

Glock-Fishing Underwater | 9mm Handgun Shooting Lionfish

Educational - Nature & Places
Albuquerque Halsey
lnk at the end for how that underwater suppressor works.

Jiz...REVEALED!! on Hey Qween with Jonny McGovern

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
Skip to 10:30 for the big reveal. Interesting interview.

How 'Captain America' should have ended

Military - Cartoons & Animation
Dude had options.

Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here's Why

Video Games - Educational
William Burns
H. Bomberguy's feature-length review of Fallout 3

Inhumanoids Data File: Know Your Enemies

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
Hugo Gorilla

Special Long Awaited Birth

Classic Movies - Religious
66 years since the last time I tried to be born

Wizardry 1 (1991, Full OVA)

Cartoons & Animation - Video Games
Actual anime based on Wizardry, the video game

Farewell - ETAOIN SHRDLU - 1978

Classic Movies - Educational
Two employees of the New York Times memorialize the linotype machine.

Peter Gabriel - The Veil (Official video)

News & Politics - Advertisements
from the Snowden movie nobody saw -- the results are not good

Fastbrick Robotics Time lapse

Science & Technology - Business
Does the work of 2 bricklayers in one day.

Gary Johnson tales the long view on climate change

News & Politics
John Holmes Motherfucker
In billion of years, the sun is going to engulf the earth, why fight the inevitable?

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