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Today In History 2013
The IT Crowd - Disabled
Jen can't figure it out

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Introducing public bathrooms

General Station - General Station
What do you know

Worst fisherman

Short Films - Humor
Penguin zeros special brand of color commentary

Roseanne Barr's Official Statement

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Hugo Gorilla
Roseanne uploads a video explaining the really real reason she was fired.

This tiny Boombox turns any cassette into vaporwave

Humor - Science & Technology
Tis true

What just happened

Accidents & Explosions - Pets & Animals
Whatever it is it happened quick

Shazam official trailer

Trailers - Advertisements
DC presents: The exact opposite of that stupid Titans thing.

Cooking with Hoarders how to deal with kitchen and bathroom fires

Horror - Horror
Help ya'll, I'm in too deep in this hoarders hole

New Music On 73Q
Me So Horny
2 Live Crew
Tip Drill
Keep it warm
The Turtles

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Cooking with Hoarders-hot dogs and peaches

Horror - Horror
Gross gross gross so freaking gross

The day after I buy a Tesla

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
Magneto is always a jerk

I used to be with 'it'

Classic TV Clips - Classic TV Clips
Stupid old man didn't realize the only constant is change

Homeless man talks about being addicted to heroin

Horror - Horror
I've overdosed a couple of times I'm so glad I quit

Destroying a wasp nest by hand

Horror - Classic Movies
This old man has balls of steel

Hinamatsuri - Psychic Duel

Cartoons & Animation - Humor
I'm surprised nothing from this show is up here yet.

Guy spins a minute 43 on 4th move in chess championship

Video Games - Educational

A dog bites itself because it was abused

Pets & Animals - Horror
People that beat animals are the worse

Marge rapes Homer

Humor - Humor
Steroids.... just say no

Ren and Stimpy-call the police

Cartoons & Animation - Cartoons & Animation
Don't have any use for rubber nipples but... This one isn't a unregistered hypercam

PeePooDo and the Super Fuck Friends Ep. 3 'Oktoberfest'

Horror - Cartoons & Animation
Chicken the Did
(NSFW) Utterly unfunny X-rated cartoon series from France.

Is this guy for real or is he autistic

Humor - Horror
It's hard to tell these days

Wrong Voltage - Wrong Country

Science & Technology - Accidents & Explosions
photonicinduction now sounds like a flamboyant serial killer.

Video Rorschach Test

Classic Movies - Military
Is this conservative wish fulfillment about fighting the commies or being rescued from libtards?

Why Won't it Melt? How NASA's Solar Probe will Survive the Sun

Science & Technology - Nature & Places

John Cleese vs. Extremism

Humor - News & Politics
John Cleese!

TITANS Official Trailer

Trailers - Accidents & Explosions
It's DC's edgy new TV series take on the Teen Titans. There's blood and swears and everything.

A cooking coil is pushed to destruction

Accidents & Explosions - Accidents & Explosions
I've always wanted to see one of these destroyed with electricity

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