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Today In History 2014
How to Make Devil's Food Cake ⎢Martha Stewart
Nice costume, Martha!

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Brianna Wu for Congress 2018

Crime - Accidents & Explosions
It's time for a bolder Democratic party (Comments are disabled.)

Biff Tannen Museum scene

Classic Movies
Juice Eggs McKenna
Now with extra relevance

Rex Tillerson Doesn't Know If Saudi Arabia Has Human Rights Violations

Educational - News & Politics
Rodents of Unusual Size
But Cuba, we need an embargo against them because human rights.

The Onion's Peter K Rosenthal Looks Back at 'Die Hard'

Classic TV Clips
infinite zest
poeTV's second favorite film critic ponders about the night that could have been

Relaxing asphalt laying in Australia

Short Films
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
poetv watches people make road

The End of Regular Show - Regular Show (Clip)

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
The series finale aired last night, with zero advertising. Here's the last 4 minutes.

Jonathan Brandis is Adam Kokesh

Military - Arts
The same old story... former child heartthrob fakes his own death to become a libertarian activist.

New Music On 73Q
Spin along - Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai OST
Do Da Rooster
Calimex Mental Implant Corp. - Jean Luc Picard's Cucumber Station

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Barbara Ehrenreich: Bright-Sided - How Positive Thinking Undermines America

Horror - Educational
Ehrenreich started this book when she got her cancer diagnosis and it's pretty fucking spot on.

The Betty White Show - November 29th 1954

Classic TV Clips - Fashion
Happy 95th, Betty White.

#705 Is There A (NAZI) Spy In Your Theater?

Classic Movies - Advertisements

Rotary Mobile Phone

Arts - Science & Technology
Arduino-based mobile phone inside an old rotary phone. Uses the actual handset and dial.

PomPom Mirror

by Daniel Rozin, an artist who's made a series of interactive 'mirrors'

Viewers react to Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin

830 wood pieces, motors, video camera, circuits, custom software, computer

King Arthur Cancer Update: Revealing You Have Terminal Cancer On A First Date

Horror - Educational
They edited out the part where he calls it quits right after the cameras stop and she leaves crying.

Opening night of the original, pre-Broadway, 1988 Stratford production of Carrie: The Musical

Arts - Accidents & Explosions

Bike Mishap

Accidents & Explosions - Accidents & Explosions
What it says in the title

This Is Bathtub!

Cartoons & Animation - Video Games
Albuquerque Halsey
Remember Source Filmmaker? Remember how fun that was? Let's go back to that time.

Historia Civilis: Roman Elections

Short Films - News & Politics
Historia Civilis explains how elections worked in ancient Rome.

Boondocks - Martin Luther King Speech

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Albuquerque Halsey

Simply Sara - 'Fried Slaw'

She's still alive.

Martin Shkreli Hit With Dog Poop

News & Politics
Hugo Gorilla
He was with Milo Yiannopoulos at UC, protesters didn't want either there.

What are Frogs, Mulder?

Classic TV Clips - Humor
But what are they?

My Favorite C++ Feature

Science & Technology - Humor
From the MeetingCpp conference in 2016.

Is Movantik right for you?

Advertisements - Cartoons & Animation
Maggot Brain
Are you a junkie that caries their poop in a briefcase? AstraZeneca can help.

Mr. Incredible saves a meow meow

Cartoons & Animation - Accidents & Explosions
in Chinese

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