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Today In History 2013
Sam Hyde gave a TED talk

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Almost Hit Me With That Bullshit (Original)


Man consumes 5 cans of Copenhagen tobacco at once

Stunts - Horror
wtf japan
Gets a little wobbly.

h3h3 delivers science WRT homeless exploitation on Youtube


Obama, Is Once Again Lying!

Crime - Educational
They lie, lie, lie, lie!

At least nine dead at Afghan hospital after U.S. air strike

Military - Crime
Timly example of US hypocracy when complaing about Russian air strikes in Syria

Atlas V Rocket launch produces unique atmospheric phenomenon

Science & Technology - Religious
I love this shit

Dawn of the Cyborg Bacteria

Science & Technology - Pets & Animals
The whole film-no just kidding this is real.

New Music On 73Q
Don't Burn The Fires
Dead Moon
Lionsong (Strings version)
Locus Coruleus
Arto Lindsay & Ambitious Lovers

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Military - Arts
kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

A Scene from Teen Alien

Classic Movies
Really makes you think


Science & Technology - Nature & Places
The solution to accidentally killing off real life is replacing it with terminator life.

Saying Hi To a Woman = Harassment? Yes According to Feminists (10 Hours of Walking In NYC As a Woman

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Redpill philosopher drops some redpill philosophy

Steampunkd - Episode 1

Arts - Fashion
Rodents of Unusual Size
An entire awful reality series for steampunks.

My Interview with Lana Del Rey

Horror - Arts
his entire channel is full of these (interview starts at 1:50)

Match slow zoom with smile

Classic TV Clips
the soup is poetv tv

Doctor Removes Booger from Hell

Horror - Nature & Places
Jack Jammer
Don't watch if you plan on eating anytime soon

Don't Insult

Humor - Pets & Animals
Funky vegan song about insults.

IronMan via Homemade Lego Record Player

Science & Technology
Turns out people have been doing this for at least a decade.

FEDSMOKER sings a lullaby...

Crime - Fashion
to a dead drug dealer. as he apparently leaves a sarcastic bike monument at a funeral home.

The Single Most Uncomfortable Moment in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle History

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
0:18, 0:20, 0:24, really the whole thing is golden.

Caveman and Robots

Cartoons & Animation - Humor
Stop motion animation with 3D printed action figures

Russia orders U.S. planes out of Syria as they Begins Air Operations

News & Politics - Military
Fox swoons for a real dictator.

How is Angkor Wat Still Standing Today?

Science & Technology - Nature & Places

PIZZA (checking in with our old pal Gordon Griggs

General Station
the dietary habits of a young cryptkeeper

The Swarm - Melodramatics

Classic Movies - Pets & Animals
some highlights from The Swarm

CPF Overview - The ZIV/Malibu Captain Harlock dub

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Captain Harlock and the Eternity of False Advertising

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