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Today In History 2017
RoboCop 3 Trailer
Impressive contrast to the first one

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A scene from The Reflecting Skin (1990)

Arts - Classic Movies
One of the best movies I've ever seen.

Claymation fan video for Oscar Brand's 'Seven Old Ladies Locked In a Lavatory'

Cartoons & Animation

William S. Burroughs narrates 'Häxan'

The silent version is up, but the William Burroughs version is better generally.

Alex Jones Breaks Up With Donald Trump Supercut

Horror - Classic TV Clips
Maggot Brain
Ya don't know what ya got 'til its gone

The Terrible Secret of Space

Humor - Arts
We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space.

Cute baby hand puppet baby and it's very adorable

General Station
It's a very cute and pretty baby it is very adorable

Brian Blessed - Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast #175

Arts - Educational
Brian shouts at us for an hour with little-to-no questions asked!

New Music On 73Q
Saidash Mongush
Because I'm Me
The Avalanches
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Winterbeast - What Can The Matter Be?

This movie is if John Waters had directed 'Twin Peaks'.

Secret Lineage: Barbara Bush, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons

News & Politics
RIP America’s fetus-in-a-jar rappin’ granny.

Flying Logos (1989)

Cartoons & Animation - Business
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Merits are debated on the subjects of red throbbing balls and chrome.

Forgotten Weapons, Maven, YouTube, and the Future of the Internet

News & Politics - Business
Sign of the times.

Vintage Drug Effects Cartoon 'Marijuana'

Educational - Cartoons & Animation
Happy 4/20, poeTV.

Icelandic Ultra Blue

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Unexpected Nazis

Full Metal Jacket - Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Classic Movies - Military
RIP R. Lee Ermey (1944-2018).

Superstar Limo: The worst Disneyland attraction ever

Arts - Cartoons & Animation
The history of one of Michael Eisner's biggest flops

Poor Little Rich Man Mouth Wash

Simply Sara’s husband/enabler has VERY BIG OPINIONS about baking soda water.

Rocky and Bullwinkle: THE REBOOT

Classic TV Clips - Crime
Killer Joe
'Trust me, this will be bigger than Willie Wonka with Tom and Jerry in it!'

Harry Anderson doing a stage routine in the early 80s

Arts - Stunts

Without gravity bicycles are unsteerable.

Science & Technology
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Bricycle physics

Gorgon Video Magazine Vol. 2

Arts - Horror
This was never officially released and was only sent as screeners to a few video stores.

Mr. Burns goes for a checkup

Humor - Classic TV Clips

Harry Anderson on Johnny Carson 1988

Classic TV Clips
RIP Harry Anderson 1952-2018

Why Norm MacDonald Quit Doing Frank Stallone Jokes

Yellow Lantern
The Italian Stallion...'s brother

The 'Smart Guy' When TJ Met a Pedophile on the Internet

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Marlon Brawndo
Part of a series narrating 'very special episodes'

Anime Trump Raps About Farts

Cartoons & Animation
Marlon Brawndo

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