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Desc:Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis was in Zuccotti Park last night with OWS.
Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:Police, Chief, Bloomberg, OWS, ray lewis
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Comment count is 10
My apologies for accidentally submitting the New York Observer article to the hopper.
How many days until this man turns up dead?
You know, when he should be running for president.

Less than a day till he's arrested. Does that count?

That is the least comprehensible interviewer ever. He manages to render a golden moment into a dog-turd of unlistenability.

So 5 for incompetent amateur journalist wannabes, I guess. Also 5 for a good cop actually talking.
Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, it was pretty hard to watch/listen to. Still, this guy is a hero in my eyes. I hope massive waves of the police stop worrying so much about pensions and refuse some of these illegal orders.

He's only talking like this because he's being filmed. Wake up, sheeple.

-- spikestoyiu666 (the 666 makes it badass)

There was nothing that wrong with the interviewer. He was just some guy talking to the guy, for fucksake.

Menudo con queso
Saw him get arrested this morning outside the NYSE. Right on Captain Ray.
The movement needs dudes like this, not just for representing but for apparently the wise advice.
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