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Category:Military, Horror
Tags:sheep, cruelty, glorious united states military
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Comment count is 36
TheSupafly - 2012-01-12
"They turn you into a monster and then call you one."
baleen - 2012-01-12
Jesus. This is worse than spraying a little girl with corrosive acid because she wants to go to school.
1394 - 2012-01-12
Ewe really need to lighten up.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-01-12
I'm fully aware of how the rating system works but fuck this crap.
Sundry - 2012-01-12
Seconded. I prefer POEtv for evil-strange videos rather than violent ones.
We all love a pratfall, the ocassional very strange criminal case or war event. But this is a bit too much.

There are other steam-video portals to cater to the taste of the gore-consumer or shock enthusiast.

Hodge - 2012-01-12
Yes, fuck this video. I don't go onto this site wanting to see depressing stuff like this.

Siebenstein - 2012-01-13

Haven't watched it, never will. Same for the pissing on dead taliban. What the hell POE.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-12
Fucking awful.
Old People - 2012-01-12
POGs get bored, I suppose.
I was gonna say you'd never catch grunts doing this shit, but when I think about it it's just that we're too busy. There was a guy in my unit who smashed a cat with an iron bar; nobody was happy about it, but people let it go given the situation we were in (Ramadan in the Sunni Triangle, 2005).
Sundry - 2012-01-12
Thanks for sharing.

Please don't share like that again. Please.

Gommorrah - 2012-01-12
yeah what a terrible situation to be put in, by yourself, voluntarily. that certainly justifies your actions

Baron_Von_Bad_Beaver - 2012-01-13
You know, that is exactly how the Iraqis stunned their sheep. Hell, I saw one dude smash an ewe on the back of his pickup truck like Hulk Hogan.

Man, fuck sheep--they make us do such terrible things.

Riskbreaker - 2012-01-12
So, people actually feel proud that this sub-human garbage is out there representing their country?
Gojira1000 - 2012-01-12
Just glad they're not home bludgeoning my puppy

fatatty - 2012-01-12
No. They feel proud that there are men and women willing to sacrifice their late teens and early twenties to risk their lives to protect their country (putting aside what the military actually does with those kids). But military and police forces always attract psychopaths and sadists so of course you're going to have some of this.

This kind of action should be and generally is looked down upon and punished.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-13
Now hold up. The kids seem really into this. Are you sure this isn't how they do it in Afghanistan? Afghanistan doesn't really have PETA or any shit like that. To me it looks their they're helping the locals prepare a feast.

pineapplejuicer - 2012-01-12
why i don't feel bad for military families example #2,124
Cena_mark - 2012-01-13
You get a minus a million for that bullshit. They're helping the locals with a BBQ for god's sake. They don't do that PETA bullshit like we do here. Its fucking Afghanistan. If the soldiers were doing anything wrong the kids would be horrified. But the kids are cool with it because killing a sheep like that is the fucking norm there.

pineapplejuicer - 2012-01-13

FABIO - 2012-01-12
Jarhead is the most realistic war movie ever made.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-01-12
But Planet of the Apes is a very close second.

Meerkat - 2012-01-12
American Standard - 2012-01-12
And the sad part is, someone would defend this.

Five for being literally the worst thing I've seen all day.
Cena_mark - 2012-01-13
Its a fucking sheep for fucks sake. Either give up meat and leather or stop being a hypocrite.
Seriously go hunting or something. You'll learn that getting a hamburger isn't a humane or beautiful thing. It involves killing another animal and it ain't pretty.

sosage - 2012-01-13
I'm sure it involves a painful death with stupid people standing around the suffering animal, laughing at its final frightened and desperate moments of existence.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-13
I'm aware they're not being humane to the animal, but maybe after actually killing MEN and experiencing the horrors of war the lives of livestock don't really matter.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-13
Who are you to protest them? Who are you? Unless you've been them and been there and know what the hell you're yelling about!

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2012-01-13
I'm going to spit on the next veteran I come across. Hopefully he'll be a coastie.

American Standard - 2012-01-13
I've seen a working slaughterhouse, actually. And I'm friends with people who consider deer season a way of life.

The hunters I know consider extending an animal's suffering needlessly a sign of incompetence or sadistic derangement on the part of the hunter. And the butchers I know kill anything bigger than a turkey instantly, with a bolt in the forehead.

Good job living right on down to expectations, Cena. Let's relink that giggling soldiers tossing puppies down a mountain in Iraq so you can suck a few more dicks, ey?

yogarfield - 2014-11-03
"I'm aware they're not being humane to the animal".

The Mothership - 2012-01-13
the sounds.
crojo - 2012-01-13
What in the fuck.
RedHood - 2012-01-13
This isn't Halal...
Meatsack Jones - 2012-01-13
The only thing that would make this good, is the whistle of a 90mm mortar and thump as the screen goes black.
smellslikefish - 2012-01-13
Wooo, how about I take that metal bat and beat your head until you die wouldn't that like be soooo funny. Let's record it too.
Pillager - 2012-01-13
The Joe man is back When Joe comes back Joe's head will crack When Joe's head cracks, when that big head cracks It's "Welcome back, Joe. Welcome back, Joe. "You don't have to be alone Joe, you don't have to be alone Joe Hang with me Joe, hang with me Joe, hang with me Joe.
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