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Desc:I'm giving it about 2 weeks before the entire god damn thing ends up shown here
Category:Video Games
Tags:Star Wars, kinect, horrible games infinity
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Comment count is 36
This one is not as good as the Han Solo song, but it pleases me.
Are all the songs on this so... Girly? Poppy?

Not sure what word to use here, but my point is this isn't what I'd expect a primarily male shut in fan base to like.

is the whole thing a dance game? that seems like an odd choice for a star wars game.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
My theory is that they've discovered that the only type of game that really works on kinect is a dancing game... So now ALL games will be dancing games!!!

Ah, that explains it. Just like how all restaurants are Taco Bell.

Okay, I was at gamestop just yesterday trying to find out if Xenoblade was actually going to come to the US, and as I was leaving, they reminded me, as they do every customer, that there's going to be a midnight launch party for Star Wars kinect. I passed, since I neither own a kinect, nor have been a star wars fan for years.

I didn't really know what this game was at the time. Now that I do, I need to ask: Why the hell are they doing a midnight laucnh for this?! Are that many people seriously excited enough for THIS to justify opening stores all over the country at midnight?

wikipedia says that "galactic dance off" is one of five campaigns in the game. The others are learning to be a jedi, podracing, stomping around being a rancor, and dueling Darth Vader.

Basically, at one point Star Wars Kinect was going to be a straightforward action adventure game. When they demoed the game to the public, it played like shit and nothing worked properly, so they're just turning into a big fucking joke that only uses the most basic kinect functions so that way people don't discover what shit developers they are.

As previously observed, one of the major flaws in the kinect system is it's difficult to emulate moving forward or backward in three dimensional space. The designers of Kinect Star Wars apparently decided to overcome this limitation by making it a rail shooter and adding the only thing Kinect does really well, a bunch of dancing games.
Is that Chris Chan dancing there?
I don't think so. No dirty rugby shirt and the guy doesn't have a horrible rack of manboobs.

And there's a blank wall behind him.

Also, Chris-chan's heart would explode like an old tire if he tried to do this much cardio*.

* - and this isn't a very intense workout.

Ouch my spleen
Does the floor open up if you fail?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Still better than the prequels.
What prequels? Episodes 4, 5, and 6 are the only ones...

MC Scared of Bees
I am really starting to hate you, GQ.
You can really hear the self-hate in the singer's voice.
That's nothing. If you listen really hard, you can hear the programmers screaming.

Jet Bin Fever
Couldn't they have just left poor Max Rebo out of this?
This my ship.

Video games are why this country is in delcine.
that was a monumentally fucking stupid thing to say

yes it's the choice of entertainment that's making people stupid, not that our entire society is set up to produce idiotic consumers

let's blame the ashes for the fire, shall we?

It seemed impossible, but they somehow robbed Star Wars of some of what was left of its dignity.
That guy
Let's make a bar trivia pop culture SAT with analogies like:

Product Licensing : Star Wars :: _____ : _____
Lucas : Lucas' first 3-4 features :: _____ : _____

Cherry Pop Culture
Did Star Wars have any dignity in the first place?

This is a destructive test on the issue of dignity.
No dignity could be properly found in StarWars before this, but the results of this video prove that some dignity was to be found.

That guy

@ Cherrypopculture,

Yes, when Sir Alec Guinness & Peter Cushing starred in the first movie.

Adham Nu'man
What the hell is wrong with people?
.....I'm dying of secondhand embarrassment.
Farewell, last shit I have to give about Star Wars. We had a good run.
Five stars for the imperial french maid, which my brain refused to acknowledge the first time
Come on dude, you could dance with a little more sass. You're not even trying.
He was supposed to bring it, but it hasn't been brought.

The God of Biscuits
Real classy names for the dance moves.
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